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4 Principles For Effective Marketing

4 Principles For Effective Marketing


If you want your business to succeed today you need to have a nice blend of physical, real-world contact with a solid digital presence.  This can take many forms: many have a website to connect with people and setup appointments while others use billboards or other signs to invite people to visit a website.  Of course, there are many other ways to blend these two things together for success—and every method is different, depending on several variables related to your business.

So, for the purpose of brevity, lets consider that you are pursuing JF Litho signs and lighting for a physical approach and would like to improve your digital and online marketing proficiency.  With that in mind, here are four principles for marketing in today’s global economy.


It might seem like your “objective” is to bring in new customers but there is actually more to this.  You need to know who, exactly, your customer is.  One of the most common mistakes that even professional marketers make is to try to capture a progressive audience just because it is popular.  Yes, you might be able to turn a few heads by throwing something interesting in front of this crowd but you might be more effective in simply communicating the quality of your company to a smaller and more committed audience.   

Basically, look for the audience that is looking for your values.  This might be much easier than chasing after the very fickle masses.


Before the digital revolution, it was much easier to market a simple business to a specific group of people, but the internet has complicated the issue.  Sure, it is easier than ever to market a very specific service to a small niche, but if you are trying reach a diverse group of people, you have to think in many different ways. One way to do this is to employ a team whose sole purpose is to identify, evaluate, and activate emerging opportunities that allows you to innovate before your competitors do.


This is not to say that they should not be working together but the innovation department often works with looking outside the box and flexible ideas while the strategy team is more confined to realistic measures. Find a balance and you will succeed.


Basically, always be open to new ideas, especially in terms of marketing.  Again, a balance of successful, traditional methods with new technological methods should help you move at a steady clip.


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