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7 Things Which Marketing Automation Software Can Do In Just Moments And Save You Time And Efforts

7 Things Which Marketing Automation Software Can Do In Just Moments And Save You Time And Efforts

Marketing Automation Software had become a ‘must have’ for almost all kinds of businesses. Using marketing automation software, organizations are now able to streamline tasks, work round the clock without even having to deploy human resources, and drive huge returns on the investment with the key insights they get using these tools. Several businesses are growing beyond the plateau and are able to reach out to larger chunks of audiences and get great returns using by automating their marketing efforts which is in fact not just improving their efficiency but also saving them a lot of time, cost and efforts. Here are seven things that marketing automation software can do in snap and save you loads of time and efforts.

  1. Sharing Personalized Content Easily

If you want your marketing efforts to be fruitful these days, you can’t just serve a customer with a product or solution. They want more – they want it personalized. The same applies to the content they come across, because customers now-a-days do their research before they buy. Hence, you need to make sure that when they search, they come across your content which is again personalized to cater to the customers’ needs. Imagine how much time and effort it would take to curate content that is personalized to each kind of customer. Additionally they need to receive this content at the right time in their buying journey. Marketing automation software will automatically segment customers based on their website activity, record behaviours and respond to them with personalized content. It can create personal and timely content offerings based on the behaviour they have demonstrated. You can also automate your social media updates and posts which saves you like 6 hours a week.

Offering dynamic content with personalisation can result in a 20% increase in sales.

2.Scoring and Nurturing Leads

If you could segment your leads into groups you can create personalized content for them. Marketing automation takes off your hands the time and effort you would have to put in to manually comb through the database of leads and streamline the process for you. You don’t have to depend on guesswork anymore for lead scoring. Segmentation is important because most of the time only 20% of your marketing qualified leads (MQL) will be sales qualified leads (SQL). And you need a good strategy to nurture them and convert these MQLs to SQLs. Automated Segmentation will help you decide your nurturing strategy so you don’t waste time on unqualified leads. You can now choose your own platform to nurture these leads. Even if your sales team is busy (remember, if a customer has reached out to your sales team, it’s a very important juncture in their buying journey)

Good Nurturing Practices using automated lead nurturing with emails and offers sent out at the right time can bring you at least a 10% increase in revenue.

3.Eliminates the need for cold calls

If you follow up with a lead within one-hour you are 60 times more likely to qualify one. But how do you do that – will you be able to cover all of them within that golden hour with cold calls. And do you really like cold calls. Marketing automation can follow up with your leads straight away even if such a lead is acquired outside your business hours without even having to make that cold call.

  1. Executing A/B testing

When you are about to launch a marketing campaign, you need to run A/B tests on every campaign and at every stage. Marketing automation tools make it so much easier for you to execute A/B testing. You won’t have the burden of having to export or migrate data for manipulation as these tools will do it for you with a closed-loop reporting system. As a result the data you generate from these tests gets funnelled directly onto the marketing automation platforms with recommendations for your nurturing strategies. You will have great insights and more importantly – time to use these insights for the maximum possible effects which will lead to better conversion.

  1. Better ROI through Analytics

When you run a campaign, you will always need the data on how it is performing and which channel is bringing the best ROI. Imagine how tedious it becomes for a human to track these details, run reports and measure performance. Marketing automation software can automatically generate these reports for you from across platforms and keep all the stakeholders updated.

  1. Up-sells and Cross-Sells

Your existing customer base is seven times more likely to buy again from you as and is much easier when it comes to pitching a sale as compared to a new customer. You can use marketing automation software to boost the lifetime value of your existing customers. Marketing automation lets you create a series of automated rules which helps you eliminate human efforts in the matter of up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers. You no longer have to waste your time and energy reminding customers about new products, accessories for the products they have bought or are about to buy.

Businesses who have deployed marketing automation software which does these with one click have been able to increase their order size by 360%.

  1. Client Reservation and Appointments

Imagine how much time you lose when going back and forth while trying to set up a meeting with clients and other stakeholders to discuss business. You have to practically run around to arrange appointments and so many times with miscommunication and scheduling conflicts you have to keep rescheduling. To cut down on this kind of time and effort, many businesses are now using marketing automation software to which can save up to 80% of your time.

The thing about marketing automation is that it is designed keeping people in mind. Just as your employees and discover the opportunities where you can deploy marketing automation tools. The time and effort that it will save you can certainty be put to a more creative use.

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