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Active Plastics – New Zealand’s Plastic Engineering Specialists

Active Plastics – New Zealand’s Plastic Engineering Specialists


Active Plastics is well known as one of New Zealand’s premier plastics moulding companies. We take your ideas and turn them into specialist products, designed by you and produced by us. We know that your great ideas, when combined with our technical knowledge, will produce a ‘top of the range’ product.

Our expert knowledge in plastic polymers, injection moulding, and design will ensure that the design we use will produce the very best plastic products for your project.

All our work – from component design to injection moulding – is carried out on our premises, saving you the worry of working with different companies. We’ve learned that keeping our production in one place means less work for us and fewer hassles for you.

Our goal at Active Plastics is to make sure that you, our client, get exactly the product you have designed. Our team will listen to your ideas, and mentor you along the way from the very beginning of your design to the end and final product of your project.

You are very welcome to take a tour of our facility and see what we can do for your next project. You will be astounded at the range of plastic we have. Whether your project is designed for commercial, domestic or any other use, you will see just how versatile our plastic really is.

About our Mould Shop

Active Plastics is proud to say that we have nine PLC computer-controlled injection moulding machines. These are suitable for any size project as they range from 50 – 500 ton. We also have an on-site hi-tech drying facility to complete the plastic moulding process. We have ultrasonic welding capabilities, should your project need this.

Our stock range is one of the best and exotic grades in New Zealand, and of superior engineering grade. We mould carbon fibre plastics that are used in the aerospace industry. These polymers are not only very lightweight but chemically resistant and strong enough to stand the rigours of flight.

After we have moulded your plastic components, they will be inspected in our post moulding assembly section. Here we will make sure that they meet with all your specifications. After inspection, your final products will be custom packaged for delivery to your clients.

Only after your products have been approved by you, will we go ahead and sign them off and completed.

About our Design Experts

Before we create anything for you, we need to know exactly what you require. Our team of design experts will meet with you to discuss your goals. Together with your input, they will then set out to create a product which functions as you require, as well as looking great.

Using the latest technology, the design team will take your product from sketch to computer, and finally to the moulding stage.

The design team at fully trained in project planning and design in any industry sector. They have the knowledge to work with any polymer, and multi-component projects. Testing and problem solving is second to none, so you can be sure of a perfect end-result for your project – every time.

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