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Advanced Techniques for Promoting Content

Advanced Techniques for Promoting Content

There are so many content promotion techniques marketers use these days. However, some work, while others don’t. What matters is the quality of the content promotion tactics that you use. While it’s important to have the basics—keywords, social media shares, online ads, and the like—covered, there are definitely advanced content promotion techniques that businesses can consider.

Most local marketing agencies use advanced techniques to boost content. So, if you don’t want to or don’t have the time to do all of the following mentioned, you can consider outsourcing the trouble to digital marketing companies Dubai or in your local region. The pros will know what’s best. Otherwise, read ahead to find out several top-notch ways to promote your content online.

Convert Articles to Video

This is a neat trick that most marketers don’t think about. If you have articles or infographics that have been successful in the past, or is currently popular, you can capitalize more on this popularity by converting the content into a video. It’s not that hard. You can essentially make an animated infographics or something similar for the video. There’s no need to short scenes with a camera if you don’t want to. You can then promote the new video content on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You will be getting double the traffic for the same content with this

Create a Video Sitemap Extension

When you have video content, it’s important to individually optimize this content for search engines as well. One of the best but overlooked ways to optimize video content is to create a video sitemap. This sitemap would include important information of your video such as title, description, duration, and country restrictions (if any). This video sitemap will be an extension of your website’s general sitemap. It will help Google and other search engines identify the video content on your site better and show them in search results.

Use Content Aggregator Sites

Social media is the not the only place to get your content shared. Do not overlook content aggregator sites like Reddit and Digg to get more people to view your content. Sites like Reddit get a lot of traffic and topics that trend there sometimes even make it to the news. So, content aggregator sites can be just as powerful as social media. In some instances, these sites are even more powerful considering that these places connect particular topics to specific people.

Benefit from Rarely Used Content Formats

Have you ever considered creating a SlideShare presentation or convert an article into a PDF? When marketers think of content, most think in terms of articles or video. But there are so many other content formats out there. PDF are great for promoting so-called evergreen content that does not expire. For example, a how-to article can be made into a PDF for better results. PDFs are also used heavily in email marketing campaigns. SlideShare presentations, with the aid of the right keywords, often get ranked high among search results. These formats are also great for repurposing old articles. You can also try new content service provided like Flipart, which allows brands to create little magazines by combining multiple articles.

Don’t limit your business content promotions tactics to just a handful of traditional methods. Think outside the box and use the above mentioned techniques to get the best out of the content you create.

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