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Agf Management Limited and Blake Goldring

Agf Management Limited and Blake Goldring

Blake Charles Goldring is one of the great entrepreneur and business leader in Canadian Committee. He is the chairman and chief executive officer at Agf management limited company. It is an investment management association of Canada. Since 1957, it is serving billions of retail and institutional investors through the association.

About Agf Management Limited

Agf is an Investment Management association of Canada where it serves billions of individuals and institutional investors all around the world since the year 1957. Agf when started was a single institute and served to the U.S. market with the invested funds of the Canadian investors.

Blake Goldring Agf came to be the most popular investment management association and has been serving its investors since decades. It came up with various ideas in forming the development of the firm and spreading its fine roots throughout the world. Hence, Blake Goldring when came to be the leader of the firm, he took the association to the highest level and embraced new strategic ideas to pool the investments of the investors. He ruled over various wealth investment companies through bringing them under single firm and also created the merger of the companies.

Talking about the Blake Goldring Agf company, it is important to mention about the start of Blake Goldring at Agf management limited and how he managed to reach to rule over the whole firm as a leader?

Goldring started his career at Agf firm as an analyst on Japanese Investment Case in 1987 and in 1989 he got a responsibility to manage sales regions of Quebec and Eastern region. He expanded with his responsibilities and became a developer of Agf International Advisors Company in Ireland, in 1991. He owned to be head of marketing and sales at Agf. In 1997 Goldring became the president and the chief operating officer and in the year 2000 he became chief executive officer. In 2006, Blake Goldring was appointed as a chairman as well as chief executive officer of Agf management limited association.

After reaching to the peak point and acquiring the highest position in the Agf association he also secured various firms under the Agf firm which were:

  • Global strategy holdings in 2000
  • Cypress capital management in 2004
  • Doherty and associates management counsel in 2004
  • Highstreet asset management in 2006
  • Acuity in 2011
  • FFCM in 2014

Goldring also had a merger in the year 2000 of NCL Investments into Smith & Williamson of UK which is a wealth management firm. Agf was the first mutual fund investor of Canada to invest as an individual in U.S. Equities and its initials. Today, Agf is having its head offices in Boston, London, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing.  

Goldring’s strategic and dynamic ideas took the company’s assets to the greatest level and brought various other institutions under one single platform. He served to the Agf management limited association throughout his life and gave his best to the company and this is why we call out Agf as Blake Goldring Agf.


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