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Cargo Transport: How Its Risk It’s Being Managed

Cargo Transport: How Its Risk It’s Being Managed

Of course, you, like us, should value excellence in the transportation of your cargo, after all, your cargo is special to you, and therefore, it is special to your transport company! And in the face of this event, we must certainly be concerned with the management of risks in the transportation of cargoes. Let’s look at some of the risks that point to this concern and how management should be applied to address them.


Firstly, you must worry about what you are carrying, sensitive materials, dangerous, high value-added, heavy or large dimensions will require a greater concern in your cargo transportation, such as the choice of modal, carrier and vehicle and even driver ideal, and consequently, there is a possibility of increased costs.

The Path

You can not go out hauling dangerous goods around, can you? So at this point, it is important to be aware of the laws that regulate routes for each type of cargo, so as not to be surprised with possible fines or seized merchandise. Making a specific, detailed and documented roadmap for your operation is paramount to the success of everyone involved in transportation. And again we saw at this point that there is a bond close to the type of cargo being transported.


Skilled and valued workforce is extremely important to machinery movers for reducing costs within the process of risk management in freight transport. By looking at operational improvements, we will be able to improve the use of the equipment and resources involved in loading and lashing the load. In addition to performing this, cargo is being tied-down professionally and technically; which can improve the use of materials due to lower losses, early availability of routes and prior consultation of destinations, financial availability for “effective” training and “objective” courses for employees, correct investments, reforms, acquisition of security systems and optimized fleet positioning, reversal of expenses which will be waste as benefits for all team. The point here is, happy people, work better.

Cargo Theft

This is a point that could be within the evaluation of the route, but we prefer to devote more time to this topic, which is of serious concern in many countries. Cargo theft is one of the main factors that inflate the contracting of cargo insurance, especially for companies that transport high value-added materials, or those that work with merchandise for sale to stores and the final consumer. The damage is not mostly limited to the value of stolen goods and vehicles.

And faced with this reality, it is more than necessary to make feasible the contracting of cargo transportation insurance that includes a good risk management structure, including:

  • Analysis of the technical, operational and reliability of the service providers, at all levels.
  • Use of modern safety and communication devices for travel monitoring, such as satellite tracker and/or other communication devices.
  • Redundancy of embedded technologies, given the sophisticated approach to organized crime.
  • Plan of routes by area of operation, with the creation of points of support along the routes.
  • Creation of contingency plan to guide those involved in the operation, with guidance to drivers and other participants of the operation on how to act in situations of risk.
  • Training and recycling of all those involved in transportation and/or storage, regarding Procedures and best safety practices with the cargo transported.

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