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Energy Industry Trends

Clare Louise October 10, 2017 Business No Comments on Energy Industry Trends
Energy Industry Trends

With the help of new sustainable technologies, power plants are getting transformed more and more each day. But what does the future really hold exactly? Here are some of the most important energy trends for this and the following year.

Distributed generation

We’re very used to the way things have been done so far, with plants generating power for our consumption, but that might not be the case in the future. We’re looking at a growing trend of individuals generating power for their own use, which might lead to reduced cost. Even now there’s a large number of people who could theoretically do it, considering the growing popularity of solar panel use.

Renewable energies

This is not really a news, but there’s a growing trend of using renewable energies to power plants and households. Some states all around the world have even devised plans for making the percentage of used renewables skyrocket in the following couple of decades.

Natural gas

We’re really trying to stop using oil, but there are other energy sources that are perfectly acceptable, even from an environmentalist point of view. One of the most important ones is natural gas. It seems that it will remain a trend for some time, especially considering all the plans for developing its exports.

Digital technologies

Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives, so why shouldn’t it overtake the energy industry as well? Digital technologies have been making their advances into the industry sector for quite some time, and it seems they have already started to find their way into power generation and distribution, making things more efficient and effective.


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