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Experience a Healthy Life with a unique line of Le-Vel Products.

Experience a Healthy Life with a unique line of Le-Vel Products.

Le-Vel Brands has been a trailblazer in the direct sales market, and still continues to be so even after four years of their stay in the market, serving billions of users in the market, helping them live not just a healthy life, but literally thrive in the hectic life schedule that they maintain. There has been unprecedented growth in their sales figure in the last four years and the entire credit goes to the extent of labor and dedication that Le-Vel has put up as a united whole in marketing their products and developing a system that could streamline their entire process. They knew that in order to thrive in this competitive market and stand out from the rest, they have to put in the extra effort, and they have been successful in doing that.

Founded by two enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, the journey of Le-Vel Brands started back in 2012, and from the very first day they have made a point to make a sole identity of their own. Since they knew that the health care industry is one of the most competitive markets that they have stepped into, they need to produce something that would help their brand to regenerate a separate identity and sell the maximum of their products in the shortest time span. As a result of it, they came up with a unique line of lifestyle products, known as the THRIVE, which currently sells a range of different nutritional supplements, including the popular line up using the unique DFT.Image result for Experience a Healthy Life with a unique line of Le-Vel Products.

According to the Le-Vel reviews, there are mainly four supplements that are manufactured in the lineup- the THRIVE M for men, THRIVE W for women, THRIVE Lifestyle Mix and the THRIVE Lifestyle DFT which was specifically designed for weight loss. Le-Vel has always recommended their customers to carry out an 8-week experience where the diet is being supplemented by their THRIVE products. The Thrive comes in the form of a capsule and the users are asked to take a specific number of capsules per day in order to achieve the expected weight loss.

The THRIVE M is specifically designed for men, and it contains the ingredients that fully grown men need to maintain the average health conditions. The list of factors that they focus on is weight management, cognitive performance, joint support, inflammation support, lean muscle support and helping the digestive and immunity system of the body. Basically, the THRIVE M is a multi-vitamin supplement which helps in fulfilling the nutritional deficiencies within a human body. According to the Le-Vel Reviews, it supplements to some extent more than what it is considered as the daily requirement. In addition to all these vitamins, the Thrive M also contains herbal supplements like white willow extract, green coffee bean, and grape seed extract.

There’s no doubt that the line of products that Le-Vel sells, is completely unique, and that gives them the edge, but that doesn’t suffice the entire propaganda of sales. It is the creative intellect in their marketing strategies that has helped Le-Vel to grow as a brand in the vast ocean of health care industry.

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