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Get Customized Plan From Max Bupa Health Insurance

Get Customized Plan From Max Bupa Health Insurance

In today’s technologically advanced world, breakthroughs in medical science happen frequently, and you have access to the latest form of treatment to cure a disease. But, most of these medical procedures are expensive, and you might find it difficult to pay for these medical expenses. A reliable insurance plan such as the Max Bupa Health Insurance plan can come in handy in such situations.

If you’re working for a reputed firm, your employer might provide a group health insurance coverage, but this will only be primary insurance that doesn’t cover most of the medical expenses, and you may not have access to quality treatment either. You will need comprehensive medical insurance to provide adequate financial protection for your family in case of a medical emergency. These days, there are many beneficial schemes offered by insurance companies that enable you to receive substantial discounts with maximum coverage.

Health Plans From Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa offers various health insurance policies based on the individual’s needs. These are:

  • Health Companion Individual
  • Health Companion Family Floater Policy
  • Heartbeat – Family First Insurance Policy
  • Heartbeat – Family Floater Insurance Policy
  • Heartbeat Insurance Policy for individual
  • Health Companion Family First
  • Hospital Cash – Health Assurance Insurance Policy
  • Critical Illness – Health Assurance Insurance Policy
  • Personal Accident – Health Assurance Insurance Policy

Each of these health insurance policy was created based on the customer’s needs. You can choose the exact policy based on your family’s requirements. If you wish to improve your coverage and include few more features, you can quickly do so by using the top-up option.

All these insurance policies have many benefits and cover almost all aspects of medical treatment including hospitalization, room charges, medicines, surgeries, etc.

What Are the Things Covered in Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

All the Max Bupa Health Insurance policies have their own set of benefits. The things covered in these health insurance policies are:

a) Room rent

All room rent charges are covered under the insurance for all insured family members who are hospitalized.

b) Pre and Post Hospitalization

The medical expenses incurred for 30 days before the hospitalization and 60 days after the hospitalization are included in the Max Bupa Health Insurance in India.

c) Cashless Transactions

You can avail cashless transactions at over 4000 network hospitals in the country. The process to avail this feature takes less than 30 minutes.

d) Day-care treatments

If the medical treatment required for you or your family member’s illness is completed in a day’s time, all the medical expenses incurred will be covered by the insurance.

e) Health Check-up

You and your entire family can get a free health check-up once every two years. The charges for the health check-up are not included in the premium.

f) Long-term benefits

You will get a 12.5% discount on the premium for the second year if you purchase the Max Bupa Health Insurance for two years.

g) Maternity Welfare

Your little one is also covered in the health insurance without additional premium charges till the next insured year. Also, the medical expenses incurred due to complications in pregnancy and pre and post-natal fees are included in the insurance. The 24 months waiting period for this benefit is lowest in the industry.

h) Lifetime Renewability

If you can make consecutive timely payments for the premium, your Max Bupa Health Insurance can be renewed for life without any extra loadings based on your claim.

i) International Coverage

The Heartbeat Platinum plan offers international cashless transactions in over 190 countries. This includes the treatment of major illnesses such as cancer and organ transplant.

j) Co-payment Percentage

Unlike other insurance companies wherein you have to pay a fixed percentage of the claim known as co-payment percentage, Max Bupa compensates you for 100% of the medical costs.

Quick Procedure

Gone are the days when you had to call and inquire about the different health insurance policies in the market. Until a few years ago, you even had to follow complicated procedures to renew your existing insurance. These days, particular websites have simplified this entire procedure. If you wish to renew your Max Bupa Health Insurance in 2018 or purchase a new one, visit

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