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Guidelines for Shipping from Canada to US – Factors To Consider

Guidelines for Shipping from Canada to US – Factors To Consider

Shipping from Canada to US is easy and convenient with a reliable shipping company. But do you know much you are going to pay when shipping across borders? There are several factors to put into consideration. Shipping rates varies and it depends on the requirements and circumstances surrounding the shipment. Shipping companies offer different packages to clients. However when shipping from Canada to US, there are some factors that determine the cost. Some of these are listed below-

Mode of shipping

Shipping method is one major factor that affects the cost of shipping your goods from Canada to the US. For instance, do you want a full container for yourself or you’d prefer using a container sharing service? If you are shipping large amount of items, you’ll likely pay for a whole container. In this case, you’ll have to pay more when compared to using the container sharing service. The reason for the price difference is the quantity and size of goods to be transported.

On the other hand, container sharing service is cheaper in the sense that your goods are being shipped alongside items from other clients. Also, rates for shipping from Canada to US depend on the type of goods that is being shipped. Delicate and fragile goods need to be handled with extreme care. Additionally, they need to be packed with caution. So you don’t expect them to be any cheaper especially when considering transporting across border.

Another reason why fragile goods are more expensive is because the rates include extra insurance. Large size goods including machinery, vehicles, furniture etc also attracts expensive rates when compared to small sized goods such as household goods, clothing and many more.

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Transportation method

Another important factor that affects shipping rates is the transportation method. Since land transportation comprises of door to door transport, it will definitely affect shipping rate. There are different types of transport method offered by shipping companies namely port to port transport and dock to dock transport. Your choice of transportation will be influenced by your requirement and more importantly budget.


Shipping destination is another factor that affects shipping rate. When shipping from Canada to US, you need to know where your goods are heading. There is no flat rate for shipping from Canada to US. The final destination of the goods you will be shipping influences cost of shipping. Difficulties, weather, distance and road conditions are the possible factors to consider when transporting your goods across borders. Asides the shipping destination, size and weight of your package also contributes to the variations in the cost of transportation. Do a little research about the shipping destination, so you can have an idea about the different shipping methods and rates.

If you are considering shipping from Canada to US, then you’ll need a reliable shipping company with many years of experience in the shipping industry. Look for a shipping company that can provide all your international and domestic freight needs.

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