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How to make your business stand out

How to make your business stand out

It’s a crowded market place out there. No matter what sector you are working in, every week seems to bring a new start-up, a new competitor. Standing out from the crowd is difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can afford not to try.

If you want a secure and growing customer base, you have to find a way for your business to appear different to the rest. Always look for innovative and interesting ways to present your business. For example, for a coffee shop, chalkboard art can be a good way to stand out from the crowd. Some companies go for quirky ad campaigns, others make a splash on social media. Whatever you choose to do to make your business stand out, here are the key factors you need to consider.

What makes you different?

Before you can persuade customers that you are different, you need to be clear in your own mind. What is it about your business that makes you different? If you can’t answer the question, then that is a sign that you have more work to do.

Add an X Factor

Once you’ve worked out why your business is different, you need to work on an ‘X-Factor’ that will mark you out from the crowd. This can’t be a gimmick, it must be something that is a strength, that your competitors can’t offer, that you do better than anyone else.

Offer value

Standing out is about more than giving the impression that you are different. You also need to offer something tangible that marks you out. Maybe you make better products, or offer more value for money, or have enticing offers or competitions. Get creative and offer value!

Make your brand solid

Of course, a logo and a slogan can be useful branding elements, but your brand is much more than a graphic. It is a representation of your difference. Solidify your brand by making it consistent across everything you do, so that when people see your logo or hear your name, they will immediately associate it with a quality, a principle, or a product.

Get your blog working

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you need to go further and start letting people know about your business. Setting up a blog is an ideal way to do this. It is inexpensive and has the potential to create viral publicity. At the very least, it is a good way to offer your customers more than just a product, connect with them, and reinforce your brand.

Be an expert

One sure way to create a distinctive impression is to position yourself as an expert. Blogs, webinars and presentations can help with this. By raising your profile, you can become a trusted figure within your sphere, which will add a new dimension to your business identity.

There are no fixed rules to standing out in a crowded marketplace, and flexibility is the key. But if you bear these principles in mind, you will give yourself a good chance of marking your business out from the crowd and boosting your bottom line.

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