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Ingredients Needed To Get Started With Hot Print USA

Ingredients Needed To Get Started With Hot Print USA

It is a lot more than just a die, foil and a press that are required to start with hot printing. Many applications are there now inHotPrint USAthat does not use a press at all. It is also not is any way near to high pressure printing process. Modern hot stamping is a more mature process with well-defined parameters and is a wonderful example of a combination of art and science. You can get consistent, desirable, perfect and predictable results every time with a little bit of careful engineering and following some basic but sound principles. That is the primary reason for the ever growing popularity of hot stamping products for perfect branding and marketing promotions.


Substrate Or A Stuff

There are a few primary elements that are required to start with hot printing. One of these is the product on which the imprint is to be made. It is called the substrate and is also known as the stuff or part. The products that require to be hot stamped are usually designed in the way suitable for hot stamping right from the early stage of manufacturing. Decorating a product is always considered initially in any designing of the part. The next thing required is an art work and a die in which it will be created. The die maker designs it in accordance with the size and other specifications furnished.

The Color Foil 

This is the most important ingredient which sits between the die and the part and is essential to transfer the color pigments to the stuff. As no paint, ink or chemical is used in HotPrint USA you get different types foils with different specifications, applications and functionality. The foil has to be necessarily compatible with the material of the stuff. There are different color and sheen of foils available in the market from metallic to matte along with opalescent, holograms and also continuous patterns. The formulations may also be different according to the need like PP, PE, PET, paper, wood and much more.

Hold The Part Together

There is also a requirement of a nest or fixture to hold the part firmly during the stamping process and also provide full contact with the print area and the die without any shifting. Lastly, all you need is a machine to bring all these things together to get the final impression on the part. There are different types of machines that you would get in the market right from the hand lever operated ones to the modern servo driven electronic presses.

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