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Meet ADA Requirements with Cast in Place Tactile Panels for Ramp Construction

Meet ADA Requirements with Cast in Place Tactile Panels for Ramp Construction

Construction companies need to consider many regulations when conducting work on Project sites. Many construction companies go through many obstacles and go to Great Lengths to make sure they are complying with all aspects of regulatory requirements and other rules of conduct while they are working on their construction project. For construction in the United States, many projects also now require special considerations for those with disabilities under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). For many of these building projects, construction workers and contractors can take full advantage of supplies that meet full compliance such as cast in place tactile panels. 

Maintaining Full Compliance for ADA Requirements in the USA

Construction projects that involve the building of ramps and other curbside adjustments for building projects and other types of construction are demanding and the ability to ensure full compliance means placing an emphasis on planning. The planning stages are crucial to ensure that whatever the blueprints say result in the compliance for all federal, state and local regulations. You therefore, should consider the companies you work with when ordering supplies and materials as well, covered here in the next section. 

Ordering the Right Materials for the Job

Getting the right materials and supplies are an important part of getting compliance right as well, which often includes specific language about the types of products, materials, supplies and other specific requirements of ADA compliant structures. If you order the right products and supplies, your business will ensure that it follows the protocols for ADA compliance in construction projects in the United States. Getting useful materials such as cast in place tactile panels will help alleviate the stress of this particular part of the job. 

Components and Features to Consider

With a product such as cast in place tactile panels, you want to consider a solution that follows the rules and provides a valuable long-term solution for your structure. A ramp solution that is reinforced with strong exterior homogenous glass/carbon/fiberglass composite material compound provide just the right bonding for this type of project using your cast in place tactile panels. Simply press them into your poured concrete for best results. You want something to last in any climate or condition and are available in colors that match ADA requirements of the government for curbs and ramps use. The most suitable includes truncated tiles that require no paint and are  resistant to UV, moisture and chemicals for your cast in place tactile panels. 

Take all of this information into consideration for curb and ramp construction projects to meet ADA requirements. 

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