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Prepare for Your Job Interview Using These 3 Methods

Prepare for Your Job Interview Using These 3 Methods

You need to spend at least as much time preparing for your job interview as you did preparing your resume to apply for the job in the first place. Being well-prepared shows the top recruiting companies that you are serious about finding work and using your skills to help a company thrive. Use these methods to ensure you are ready for your interview.

Get Your Greeting Right


Nerves can sometimes get the best of you and make it difficult to greet your interviewer appropriately. You want to seem enthusiastic without being overzealous about the job. Use a mirror to practice a friendly smile that doesn’t seem forced. It may also help to practice your handshake with a friend. It should be firm and show confidence without using too much pressure.

Find Out What Kind of Interview You’ll Have


Interviews aren’t always one-on-one, and your approach should change slightly depending on the type of interview you have. A group interview, for example, will likely mean you should play up your teamwork skills more than your individual ones. Remember, you may go through several types of interviews as you apply for one position, so practice good methods for all of them.

Practice Your Interview Questions


While a professional appearance and strong handshake are important, answering questions in a satisfactory manner is most important as you seek out job openings in finance. Ask a friend to sit with you and ask you some of the most common interview questions. Practice several responses for each one, especially the hardest, which is often “tell me about yourself.” By knowing several different responses, you will sound less rehearsed during your actual interview.

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