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Project Base Consulting Service by Quantisweb Technologies

Project Base Consulting Service by Quantisweb Technologies

No matter the company, no matter the industry, running a business is not an easy undertaking.  Of course, this has a lot to do with the many variables that you have to juggle in order to be successful.  Most people who start businesses excel in one way and are not so good at a few of others.

The good news is that technology has helped to make some of these processes easier.  And in many ways, Quantisweb Technologies is helping companies in various industries make the most of their time and effort.

What is Quantisweb Technologies: in the Beginning

Quantisweb Technologies was originally founded as Quantis Formulation, in 1997. At the time, the company focused on developing and adapting tools originally developed mostly under pharmaceutical drug formulation research projects, and some tools developed through a few other industries too, though to a lesser extent. To address these needs, this company evolved a practical idea all the way through the product life cycle to a fully mature product in only 7 years.  This remarakble feat helped launch them into great success within the pharmaceuticals market.Image result for Quantisweb

Quantisweb Today

Of course, technologies and companies must evolve and Quantisweb is no different. Today the company focuses on product development aimed at science and engineering projects.  The goal, of course, is to help professionals in these fields create higher quality products in less time and with a smaller margin of error.

Today, Quantisweb follows these 4 core values:

  1. INTEGRITY:  having the inner strength to remain honest in all situations
  2. RESPONSIBILITY: managing a process to produce a positive impact on society as a whole and also respecting and maintaining that power to respond appropriately without superior or authoritative direction
  3. TRUSTWORTHINESS: taking full responsibility for your actions and fulfilling all commitments
  4. TOLERANCE: allowing room for permissible mistakes and differences, and honoring the freedom to make adjustments within flexible limits; handling unfavorable conditions with patience and open-mindedness; being willing to recognize and, more importantly, respect differing opinions and beliefs

Quantisweb and the Future

Quantisweb Technologies now hopes to be able to continue conception and development of more targets that will add to their multivariate optimization methodology and software.  The end result, they anticipate, is continued improvement in the development process, cost reduction, and quality assurance.

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