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Seven Ideas for Creating a Healthier Workplace

Seven Ideas for Creating a Healthier Workplace

Working is an important part of life, but the demands of the job can sometimes overshadow the duties we have to our bodies. Over time, a dedicated employee can start to feel downtrodden, depressed, and even sick. It really is a shame to treat such loyal professionals with disregard. After all, they spend hours each day supporting the company’s bottom line while neglecting their own. To develop a healthier workplace, a few creative methods must be used.

  1. Offer Healthy Snacks in the Vending Machines

Too often, employees rush to the vending machine to get a quick snack and are left to choose among several unhealthy snacks. Eating poorly can take its toll on a person, and if that person is working for you then you should offer them healthy alternatives to keep their productivity piqued to perfection.

  1. Give Active Pauses for 10 Minutes Once Every Hour

Remaining seated or repeating the same action repeatedly can harm the body, mind, and morale of your faithful employees. Regardless of their dedication to the business, the pressing physical demands of your workers supersede those of the company. Getting up to stretch is good, but there’s not always time. Schedule time for your employees and let them know you care.

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  1. Keep the Air Quality in Check

Offer your employees and patrons the benefits of high quality air. Refrain from smoking inside, keep foul odors at bay, and utilize air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers as needed. For a small investment, you can create a warm and inviting environment for your workers, which in turn leads to increased profits.

  1. Put Out Herbal Tea and Sugar Substitutes with the Coffee

Not everyone in the office is a fan of coffee. On top of that, java isn’t exactly the healthiest break time drink on the planet. Instead of boxing your employees into unhealthy beverage options, offer herbal tea and sweetener substitutes. The health-conscious employees in the office will thank you.

  1. Expose Your Hardworking Employees to Natural Light

Grinding away under florescent or halogen light bulbs can become very tedious after a while. If possible, open the windows in the office to give your employees access to natural light. If access to windows is an issue, encourage your workers to take their active pauses outside (weather permitting).

  1. Hold Counseling Sessions for Stressed Out Employees

Sometimes, the stressors that effect employees originate from unknown sources. Giving your workers the time and attention of a professional workplace counselor provides a huge boost to office morale and increases the employee’s trust for the company, which thereby makes a happier and healthier workforce.

  1. Host Entertaining Health and Fitness Contests

Everyone likes to be part of a celebration, especially when that celebration is centered on self-improvement. Develop a fun fitness challenge for your employees and encourage them to become involved in friendly competition with their co-workers. Nothing brings people together better than a common goal. Let that goal be supporting the health and fitness of those working for you.

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