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  Suggestion to buy ID card printer

   Suggestion to buy ID card printer

Printing your membership cards, ID badges and visitor passes in-house has numerous benefits.  It ranges from added convenience and control to entire cost savings. But with an array of options and choices, people face some challenges while choosing the right card printer.

It is always smart to consider few essential aspects that not only simplify the finding but also aids you in selecting the suitable device for printing the ID cards.

The appropriate and effective printer has the better functionality to print the ID cards quickly and easily.  It is useful to ensure the printed ID cards suit the badge clips. This article shares lots of helpful tips to pick the right ID card printer.

Vital aspects to examine

Choosing the best ID card printer is a time-consuming and challenging task because few of them only suit your printing needs and budgets. To pick the right, you can consider few factors which are given below.

  • Capacity

You can select between double-sided and single-sided printing.  When it comes to single-sided printers, they can print on only one side of your ID card in an instant. The doubt-sided printers can effectively print on two sides at a time.  If you want to create the ID Cards with image identification and barcode, you can prefer double-sided printing.

  • Speed

The printing speed is another important aspect. The speed selection is entirely based on your individual printing needs and requirements.  Big groups with more requirements to print cards constantly will find many benefits in the fast printers. It includes big card trays, high-capacity ribbons, and fast speeds. If you are a small group, then you can prefer medium range printers.

  • Ribbon

Choosing the right ribbons is another important thing because the ribbons are available in an array of options.  The monochrome ribbon is a simple option to print by using one color on the ID cards. These are available in standard colors, black colors, metallic-like silver and more.

  • Printer technology

It is a core of every printing. The best thing about the printer technology is that it creates fantastic images on your ID cards.  The reverse transfer and direct-to-card transfer two main options, so you can pick anyone as per your desire. The direct-to-card uses the dye-sublimation process by using the print head. It heats every panel of ribbon to modify ink into complete vapor.  Then it diffuses onto the card’s surface. It is efficient and fast, so you can use it with monochrome, full color and overlays ribbons.  It helps you to create ID cards with bright imagery from border to border.

The retransfer or reverse transfer is another type that uses the same technology.  The only difference is that it prints images on an extremely clear film.  After that, it is fused onto your card’s surface. It offers not only over-the-edge printing but also avoid white border across your cards.  The quality of a print is excellent with this printing method. It also allows you to efficiently print into the uneven surfaces like proximity and smart cards.

  • Encoding

The encoded cards are ideal for business owners who want to increase their security.   The lower coercivity and high coercivity are two different types of encoding methods. The high coercivity card is designed by using a sturdy magnetic field to bring more durability.   The low coercivity card is made of the lower intensity magnetic field. It makes these cards ideal for the short-term applications.

  • Holograms and lamination

Few models provide lamination facilities along with standard encoding and printing capabilities. The lamination is created to increase the protective coating that makes the cards ideal for long-term uses. If you want to increase the security further, you can prefer the best kinds of high-quality laminators.


The ID card printing devices are now available for different kinds of organizations and basics. They let you create ID cards for your staffs. The advanced printers let business to guard their assets, people, and property with a safe identification network. If you want to increase the safety of your workers further, you can choose the right kind of badge clips for the uniquely printed ID cards.  The proper selection brings the desired level of protection.

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