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Tackle Sensitive Shredding This New Year

Tackle Sensitive Shredding This New Year

The date January 1st has special powers over most people in Toronto, the GTA, and North America in general. It inspires many people around the world to take stock of their lives and look for ways they can improve them. Resolutions targeting holiday weight, lifestyle choices, and saving money are common goals for the average person, but for the business owner there’s a bigger issue to focus on in the New Year. If you’re responsible for a small or large business, there’s no more important resolution than strengthening your office’s security. But don’t tackle this goal on your own. Get help with a professional shredding service.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in. Every office handles a lot of paper. While some of these sheets can be safely recycled through regular means, there are special documents holding confidential material that can’t. Healthcare providers often have detailed accounts of patient histories that include social insurance numbers, insurance information, medications, and more. Lawyers and other professionals have client home addresses and other personal details. Meanwhile, retail enterprises handle their customers; financial information.

Any bill, invoice, or record that documents this information needs special handling, so don’t throw them into the garbage or recycling. Contact information and financial account numbers is the data that criminals need in order to steal identities and open fraudulent accounts. These criminals will prowl commercial recycling bins in hope of finding confidential documents that aren’t disposed of properly. And if they do find it and successfully steal identities, your business could be held at fault for the results.

When you hire a professional shredding company, you can rest assured both your company and your customers are safe. When it comes to document destruction Toronto is lucky, as it has many mobile services willing to arrive at your doors and complete their work under your watchful eye. They’ll arrive with a secure mobile truck outfitted with state-of-the-art blades that destroy documents, sensitive paperwork, identity cards, and even electronic devices. Their high-grade shredders have been proven to destroy this material completely, so there’s no chance important data can be retrieved by a criminal.

If you want to set a productive New Year’s resolution this year, skip over the typical goals like weight loss and strength training. Turn to your business and look for ways to improve the security protecting its information. When you can guarantee obsolete paper documents and electronics are destroyed completely, you won’t have to worry about becoming the topic of the next security breach scandal like Equifax and Yahoo. All you’ll have to look forward to is security in the next twelve months.

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