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The 4 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes

The 4 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes

Making the decision to become a freelancer is one of the greatest careers moves anyone can make. A freelancing career is a travel job where you get to visit places as long as your work, which is mostly digital gets done.

However, as fun as the concept of ‘jobs that allow you to travel’ is, there are certain mistakes which are easy to make which will compromise the fun in it. Freelancing allows you more control over your life, location, schedule and working environment, however, the flexibility is also a curse which when relaxed into could backfire causing great damage to one’s career.

Taking a leap into the world of freelancing can come with a whole lot of strange feelings, it could be scary and exciting at the same time, in this article, we will be discussing some of the greatest mistakes one could make while taking a job which allows you to travel.

  1. Trying to be everything to everyone

In the early stages of freelancing, it is unimportant to set the goals of who you want to be and the services you wish to offer. When such goals as this are not properly set, you predispose yourself to the error of getting swamped up doing some jobs which you do not find joy in, a total aberration to the concept of freelancing.

As much as it can be a good idea to take on as many challenges as possible, it is important to draw the line at some point. Spreading yourself over a wide expanse of opportunity will leave you burnt out and mentally drained. The greatest disadvantage of taking on as many challenges as possible is its impact on your brand as you may end up hurting the goal of your brand. As a wedding photographer, offering other services such as voice over or virtual assistant job may end up taking your time and leaving little to none for your wedding photography.

  1. Lack of focus

Lack of focus or loss of it is perhaps the greatest setback faced by all freelancers. Most freelancers have at some point in their careers lost focus on their goals and as such were scattered in their approach to the peak of the ladder. It is easier to lose focus as a freelancer as most often than not, you get to work on the go and mostly alone therefore eliminating the peer pressure which motivates others in a work environment.

It is important to take only as many tasks as you can handle and to satisfy your clients as best as possible when the job is taken as opposed to spreading yourself too thinly in terms of client’s work and having to return with a subpar performance or output.

  1. Failing to communicate properly with your clients

Communication is key and for a freelancer, making sure to maintain proper and adequate communication during and after the project with your client may be the key to repeat jobs. It is also important that you be open to constructive criticism and feedback as this will help you further shape and sharpen your skills for the best.

Tip: Not listening to clients make your life much more difficult that you could imagine. Clients know what they want, let them guide you in delivering the best possible service.

  1. Undercharging for your services

When you undercharge for the services delivered, you might be caught in a financial quagmire and as such, it is important to factor in your needs into the charges. One of the greatest setbacks a freelancer can experience is attempting to work for free, you should stay away from such as your finances need to be cared for as much as you.

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