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The evolution of communication system

The evolution of communication system

The technique of communication began with sending and receiving of letters. The method of transfer changed from pigeons in the ancient times to mail carriers in the present era. But talking to each other while being thousands of miles apart didn’t give the same feeling as being beside each other. The reply to a statement would be received after several days. The revolutionary invention of the telephone solved this problem and allowed people to communicate simultaneously.

All these mediums were successful in allowing a person to hear the message from their dear ones.  With the emergence of internet, communication became easier than ever. The greatest invention of communication is video chatting. People being miles apart were able to talk to each other like they were sitting next to each other. Wide acceptance of this method resulted in many software firms developing applications for this purpose. Some group video chat apps have been more preferred over others depending on their user-friendly nature, better interface and better connectivity.

Top 3 video chatting apps

  • Google hangouts

If the internet is considered to be a courtroom, then Google is said to hold maximum dominance. The best thing about Google Hangouts is that almost all its services are open source meaning one doesn’t have to pay to avail its services. The feature of video chatting in this software is highly facile allowing the participants to engage with their email-id alone, hence avoiding the creation of any other account.

  • Imo

IMO is known for its better connectivity and good quality video conference features thus providing you best group video chat experience. Despite a weaker internet connection, IMO has proved to be successful in transmitting video calls. This makes it one of the most simple video group chat apps available in the market.

  • Skype

Skype is an online group chat tool which has been in the market for a very long time. Due to its instant messaging services, affordable cost and high flexibility; Skype was preferred in the market. Nowadays, it is being replaced by other software though it is often used commercially.

According to Dan Oswald, Communication must be HOT; Honest, Open and two way. Online communication channels act as icing on the cake to fulfill these criteria.

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