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These Manager Practices Will Make Your Team More Productive

These Manager Practices Will Make Your Team More Productive

If you’re a manager and you’re looking for new manager practices that will boost the productivity of your team, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. When you adopt these manager practices at your workplace, you’ll be doing what’s best for your company and your own reputation. Good managers are always evolving. They keep learning and putting what they learn into action.

Our tips will help you to foster a positive corporate culture which helps you to attract and retain talent. As well, they will assist you with giving your staff members the autonomy that they need in order to feel independent and valued. Lastly, our tips will help your team to stay motivated, instead of getting bored and restless. Without further ado, let’s look at three manager practices that will make your staff members more productive.

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Build a Strong Corporate Culture

Google gets tons of press due to its innovative and inspiring corporate culture. While you may not have this Web powerhouse’s infinite resources, you may still adopt the same manager practices used at Google in order to make your team happier. Happy employees are definitely more productive. One Google-inspired tip is to update your workplace with common areas where staff members may relax and get together.

Google has nap pods for its employees, as well as onsite coffee and snacks which are free to employees. As well, Google offices are loaded with an assortment of spaces which inspire plenty of creative collaboration. We recommend adding some of these elements to your own working environment. Your staff members will appreciate it and they will reward you by getting things done. For example, a central area in the office with sofas and outlets for computer hardware may just become a place where your team members come up with incredible ideas together, which positively impact the bottom line at your business.

Stop Micromanaging Your Team Members

Micromanaging is a signal of a poor manager. You need to give your staff members the space that they need in order to do their jobs. Employees hate being micromanaged, as micromanaging shows a lack of confidence in their abilities. Instead of tracking every little thing that your employees do, set realistic goals for them and check in to see if they are moving towards those goals. Foster their independence instead of breathing down their necks.

A good manager sees the big picture, rather than getting bogged down in every single detail. When you hire well and delegate effectively, you should be able to focus on steering your company forward, into the future.

To determine whether or not you’re micromanaging, think about the ways that you currently monitor your employees. Is most of your day spent “putting out fires” or are you spending your time on real management tasks, such as blueprints for the future, reports and performance reviews? If you’re always putting out fires, you’re either hiring incorrectly or micromanaging (or both). Your employees should be able to put out 90 percent of fires on their own.

Break the micromanaging habit and see what happens. When employees feel respected (because they aren’t under the microscope all of the time), they tend to pay back their employers by producing a lot of good work.

Start Rotating Core Tasks

You may have team members who excel at particular core tasks. It’s possible that they’ve been doing these core tasks for years, day in and day out. If you want to keep your team motivated, we recommend the rotation of core tasks. This will provide dual benefits. First, it will stop your team members from getting bored. Bored employees tend to be sluggish. They may waste time because nothing ever changes at work and they feel lethargic. Second, you’ll be training staff members to do a range of core tasks. If one of your team members leaves, another will be able to step in and take care of the exiting staff member’s work duties.

Now that you know three manager practices that will make your team more productive, why not put them into practice today?

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