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What’s the Necessary Functions in One Successful Webinar

What’s the Necessary Functions in One Successful Webinar

To organize a webinar, it is necessary to go through a free webinar software to manage it (if not, well … you bring people home or in a room and then you do it live!) … And software, oddly, There is not that much … and that’s all if you find a dozen that really holds the road. But do not hesitate to share with us what you have come across on your side and which would be worth adding here!

Before embarking on the comparative and testing of solutions, let us take the time to take stock of what is webinar and what we hope that such a software of webinars can do, with a little turn on the functionalities and especially on the “why they are required”.

Live broadcast (and if possible HD) of a video: well, it is the basis, if you do not have this (as well as the following functionality), it is as if you had nothing.

Live broadcast of one or several files: same as previously, you must be able to share slides, or a pdf, during your presentation.

Access by telephone and Internet: for a better comfort, you will soon find it important to allow access via a fixed number for participants who wish to attend your webinar. Most of the software, like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, on the market offers local numbers that can be called from many countries at a reduced or free rate. Some even allow the caller to be called, thus removing an additional barrier.

Screen sharing: as part of live demo, for example, screen sharing is super important. So make sure you have this feature available … and learn how to use it to not show everything and anything.

Management of invitations: registration forms, raises, listing of those who really attended … you would really not want to do this by hand, right? Ideally, your free webinar software will connect with your CRM or Marketing Automation tool to share the information and fill in the contact cards.

Video recording (and sound!): Let’s say you’ve just finished the best webinar of your life … Should other people benefit? Yes of course ! And if your webinar software allowed you to record the sound and image … well you could show it on your YouTube channel or your blog, to make others want to work with you or to attend Webinar!

Chat: ideal for, during the webinar, to recover the questions, to welcome the newcomers, to make react. A key function! (Ideally with two types of cats: the general chat, with all the participants, and the possibility of making “private messages”.

Satisfaction questionnaire: disseminated at the end of a webinar, it allows you to know what has been enjoyed or not, compare two types of webinars, different subjects, two sources of recruitment of participants … but also two facilitators who May not have the same results. And this is a good way to continue to hire your prospects!

Advanced webinar tools to “manage your room”: Hosting a meeting or conference through webinar is generally very cost effective. Some of them are free. So, you can know how to host a webinar anytime you want for free. While you host or join a conference through webinars, you are saving a lot of expenses for travelling also. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of those programs which gives you a maximum number of benefits for free. Certainly these are not must-have features, but they are still very interesting!

Sending emails to remind the webinar / thank: it is natural to thank those who have connected, to offer them to download the contents … but also to prelaunch those who could not connect and offer them a new date . And it’s better if it’s done automatically, right?

Mobile versions: almost 50% of the surf business is now on mobile … it would be a pity to see a part of your audience do not connect on D-Day simply because your webinar is not accessible via a mobile connection … Some offer natively mobile web solutions or with an iPhone or Android app. If your audience targets are potentially mobile or if they are decision-makers … choose something that suits them!


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