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Why is a Car Warranty Important?

Kathlene Milliken November 28, 2016 Finance No Comments on Why is a Car Warranty Important?
Why is a Car Warranty Important?

As the owner of a new vehicle, if you follow your responsibilities and do regular servicing, there is almost no reason your car should end up costing you more than the regular maintenance. This means, any prominent problem happening to a new vehicle within a short term after you buy it tends to be the responsibility of the automaker and not you! Carmakers who thus support their products not only give financial protection but also help protect the driver and passengers. In any case, it’s necessary that every part of a vehicle should work as promised for the safety of the vehicle. This peace of mind is offered by a car warranty through which the manufacturer intends to pay for any unforeseen trouble so as to keep the owner safe and bring them back to the road as fast as possible.

When a car warranty ends, an extended warranty can come to your help. Find, for example, Honda extended warranty coverage at Warranty and Insurance.

What is Covered by Most Car Warranties?

Warranties vary in features and length from automaker to automaker; however, in general a warranty covers any service or repair that results from a mechanical defect or manufacturer fault.

Several new cars on the road are protected only by a “powertrain warranty” covering parts like transmission and engine. Though these parts are really the costliest to repair, they are also least prone to failure given the stringent industrial quality control. As far as the owner keeps in mind to conduct important services like transmission fluid changes and oil changes, their car’s powertrain is the least likely to encounter any significant problem.

Other carmakers offer a comprehensive warranty which covers almost all parts of the car. This is often known as “bumper to bumper” warranty. For example, if it’s found that the bushings are worn or out of place, they will be replaced under a warranty, provided the car has not met with an accident or has not undergone any strange modification by the owner. Every repair would be with no cost to the owner and even a complementary loaner car may be provided to the owner if her/his car remains in the shop for a longer period of time.

Today many warranties even include roadside assistance which is a blessing if you encounter a problem at a spot on the road where there is no servicing facility nearby.

What is Not Covered by Car Warranties?

  • It’s a common issue that warranties don’t cover the most wearable parts like brake pads, paint, window glass and tyres. Among these, however, if the paint comes off in sheets due to a manufacturing fault, you may be covered by the warranty.
  • If your car is caught in an accident that was not the result of a car malfunction, the harm caused to the parts won’t be covered by the warranty. You will have to look at your collision insurance instead, for cover.
  • Another factor to consider is if you are not doing regular servicing of your car and your car undergoes a fault, you may not be covered by the warranty. This is mentioned in the warranty agreement which you should read and remember.
  • Any modification or tampering with the car’s design may also declare your warranty void.

Extended Warranty and Secondhand Cars

Extended warranties are extremely useful and car owners should purchase one before the expiry of manufacturer’s warranty. You can find any car’s e.g. Nissan or Land Rover extended warranty cost in Australia and buy the most suitable one for you.

Secondhand cars also come with a manufacturer’s warranty under particular programs. This warranty usually provides less amount of coverage than that of a new car, but saves the buyer from a significant amount of repair cost.

Sometimes the first owner of a car can transfer the warranty to the second owner.

All in all, a car warranty provides peace of mind to the owner and represents the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

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