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Why Many Small Businesses Switch to Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Services

Why Many Small Businesses Switch to Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Services

Small and medium-sized businesses are thriving better than ever thanks to fast-developing emerging technologies. In all honesty, many of these technologies have been around for quite awhile but we have only recently started to tap into their full potential and capitalize on new materials, better intelligence, and evolved mechanics in a new age of discovery.  Should things continue on their current path, cloud-based système de gestion d’entrepôt Meade Willis could help to set the tone for the future of warehouse management software.

Data currently dictates that roughly one half of all small and medium-based businesses paid for tech support last year. That means that companies no larger than 20 people seem to need a little extra help from outside:  at least of all SMBs, last year.  On top of small businesses, though, “medium” businesses (which have less than 100 people) are also finding more success with the implementation of outsourced tech support.  

And all this, when taken together, helps to contribute to the quickly growing need for these services.   As you can see, cloud-based warehouse management systems can serve SMBs in quite a wide variety of ways.


One of the most excellent benefits that comes with implementing a cloud-based service is that it will quickly start to expose other areas that could use improvement, too.  When you implement an SMB, for one, you will soon learn that dealing with just a couple vendors is pretty simple, but it gets more and more complicated as you add more vendors.  Also, using an SMB can educate you on how difficult it is to internally maintain and uphold your service level agreements.  As a matter of fact, roughly one half of all SMBs learn that they would prefer to outsource their IT and cloud services from just one source.


If you want to succeed, these days, you need some kind of web presence: every business, no matter the size or service. A quality cloud-based warehouse management system, then, should ensure the least amount of “downtime,” which is the amount of time your website remains offline during an outage or glitch or other problem.


Finally, as an SMB you are going to want support whenever you can get it.  Fortunately, support will always be available for many warehouse management services, making them more and more attractive as time goes by.

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