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4 Ways to Make a Business Out of Bitcoin

4 Ways to Make a Business Out of Bitcoin

Even if 2018 has not been a so-stellar year for bitcoin, there is no doubt that it still remains the most popular cryptocurrency today, and it is poised to continue growing on a global scale. With this, more and more people are investing in bitcoin, especially in trading and mining. However, there are other business opportunities that you can exploit, including those that are briefly mentioned below. They will provide excellent ways to generate profits through bitcoin.


  • Bitcoin ATM


If you have an existing business space, such as a restaurant, convenience store, or gas station, among others, installing a bitcoin ATM can prove to be a promising idea. This will provide a convenient platform where people can trade bitcoins. They can buy, sell, or do both through the ATM. The best thing is that it is not capital-intensive. Plus, it won’t require a big space in your business location.

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  • Bitcoin Vending Machine


This is pretty much like a traditional vending machine, but the main difference is that people can pay using bitcoins instead of traditional currency. You can sell anything in the vending machine, including candies, chips, and drinks, among others. Like the bitcoin ATM, this is also space-efficient. Plus, this is a great way to be innovative in a time when we are living in a society that is slowly transforming into being cashless.


  • Payment Method


In one article from Forbes, the author noted that accepting bitcoin as one of the alternative payment methods for your business can also be a good idea to earn money from the cryptocurrency. Customers will be happy knowing that you offer versatility. This will work best for businesses in the tech industry. To add, this will also work for online shops, since bitcoin is a payment method that can defy geographical boundaries. It can also help to increase your bitcoin holdings. With the high volatility of bitcoin, on the other hand, take note that this may not work for all businesses.


  • Consulting Business


Do you consider bitcoin as an area of expertise? Then, you will benefit from building a consulting business. All that you need is to work your way to become an authority figure, which will make it easy to gain the trust of the public. Make money from bitcoin, and people will want to become like you. It is possible to offer classes or one-on-one consultations where you will share your knowledge to help other people tap the power of bitcoin. You can also teach people how to figure out a bitcoin scam, making sure that their investment won’t have to go to waste.

As discussed above, bitcoin is a big business. You are no longer limited to just trading them in online exchanges. You can use bitcoin in various entrepreneurial ventures, such as an ATM and consulting business, among others.


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