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A Simple Guide to Help you Get your PPI Refund Back

A Simple Guide to Help you Get your PPI Refund Back

There are millions of people across the United Kingdom who have lost money due to the PPI scandal, and if you are one amongst them, rest assured that you would get bank by follow the simple PPI claim process. The process of getting the money back from the bank is fairly simple, but you need to follow the process accurately in order to process the claim.

The banks are processing millions of payouts for PPI, so you need to make sure that your filing is accurate and organized, so that there are no disputes. For any disputes that occur, it would further increase the time frame in which you get back your money. You can call the PPI claims adviceline to know more about how to file for PPI claim.Image result for A Simple Guide to Help you Get your PPI Refund Back

Here are some simple steps to help you claim back PPI –

  • The first thing that you need to do is writing to the bank or the financial institution that sold you the PPI. All you need to do is provide them with the salient information about the transaction, stating why you think you were mis-sold the PPI and request for a refund. You should get a response within a few weeks regarding the refund.
  • If the bank does not respond or reject your claim even if it is valid, you can write to Financial Services Ombudsman and make a complaint against the lender. They will investigate the matter on your behalf and make the bank pay you if your claim is valid.
  • The last option that is open to you is to hire a PPI claims company to help you deal with your lender. They will pursue your case and ensure that you get the money that you owe from the lender.
  • You also have the option of hiring a lawyer if the bank and FOS rejects your claim. However, it must be noted that hiring a lawyer is an expensive affair.

These are the few simple steps you need to make to ensure you get the PPI refund with ease and without worries. It is a process that is tailored to ensure that people with just any background can file for claim with ease.


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