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Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring An Architect!

Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring An Architect!

You are finally ready to launch your next commercial condo project. You have acquired financing and have decided on the basic project details, but what’s next? Well, for any project, regardless of whether it is commercial or residential, you need a good architect. Working with known names, like Stendel + Reich architects, is easy, but when you have to take the final call, many aspects matter. To make things simpler, we bring a list of questions you must ask while hiring an architect for your commercial project.

  1. What’s your experience with similar projects

Eventually, you would want an architect, who has worked on projects that are comparable to yours, and this is probably the most basic question that you can ask. Keep in mind that the architect or firm is expected to convince you, and not the other way around.

  1. What makes you different from architect firms?

As mentioned, an architect firm is supposed to tell why you should be hiring them in the first place. They will discuss many aspects of their work process, projects they have completed and what gives them an edge over the competitors.

  1. What are the obvious challenges in this project?

Commercial project can have a bunch of challenges – space constraints, permissions, budget limitations and so on. Your architect is the best person to point out these aspects in the first couple of meetings. You may know some of these, but allow the experts to show their expertise.

  1. Can you explain your design process?

Don’t be surprised to know that not all architects are comfortable sharing the steps of the design process, and as a client, you have the right to know that. Everything from the basic schedule, time required for the project and the process of designing should be explained in detail.

  1. What’s your take on green methods of design and construction?

Today, green projects are in the forefront, and when you can use sustainable means, you should definitely consider the options. On your first meeting with any architect, ask them if they can propose and suggest green means of construction and design.

Finally, ask them about their role in the construction process. Some architects will take over the role and keep things in check with the contractor, while others may restrict the job to design work only. Knowing their expertise and role only comes in handy in taking a decision.

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