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Best Options to Make HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

Best Options to Make HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

Do you worry about carrying huge amounts of cash when going out or feel that your bank balance will run out and render your debit card useless? Does the stress of running out of savings during any moment of emergency keep you up at night?

If you could relate to any of these questions, then the Credit Card is an excellent option for you. Mostly hassle-free and easier to get than a personal loan, you can get a Credit Card issued from almost all major banks and non-banking financial corporations. HDFC Credit Cards are examples of the most popular credit cards in India.

What exactly is a Credit Card and where can it be used?

A Credit Card, essentially, works on the “spend now, pay later” principle. At its core, it is the easiest loan that you can take from the bank as a cardholder. All Credit Cards have a prescribed limit for spending. This limit is flexible and improves with your credit score and bank requirements and eligibility standards. When you use the Credit Card, you need to pay back the spent amount, with a predefined rate of interest added to the principal amount. Apart from this, there are also some fixed annual charges and card renewal charges.

As far as using your Credit Card goes, you can use it online or at physical stores. It can be used for hotel bill payments, flight bookings, household expenses, personal shopping, and a host of other things. You can also get advance cash through your Credit Card.

How can you get a Credit Card?

Almost all the banks have different minimum eligibility requirements for the issuance of Credit Cards. Furthermore, banks usually have more than one Type of Credit Card, and so have different requirements for different products. A strong credit score remains the most important aspect of getting any Credit Card.

HDFC Credit Card

HDFC Bank presents a range of Credit Card options for consumers – one that suits their needs the best. The HDFC Bank provides a points system for the benefit of the customer. HDFC also has streamlined the process of the Credit Card bill payment.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

All Credit Cards require you to pay a fixed amount, usually annually. Apart from these annual fixed charges, whatever amount of money you spend also needs to be repaid. This amount that has to be repaid attracts a rate of interest which is added to it. This whole amount of the principal plus the rate of interest added to becomes your Credit Card Bill.You can choose to either clear the entire amount at one go or pay only the minimum amount due each month.

Can you pay your Credit Card Bill with your Debit Card?

Yes, you can clear your HDFC Credit Card payment through a debit card in two ways:

  • Transfer funds from your Debit Card to your Credit Card Account through by selecting the option of Credit Card bill payment at an HDFC ATM.


  • You can even use the HDFC Net Banking website and pay online from your savings bank account using your Debit Card.

Best options to make HDFC Credit Card bill payment

Paying your Credit Card bills often seems to be a very complex and time-consuming process. This, however, has been corrected by HDFC. They have streamlined the process of Credit Card bill payments. You can utilize various sources to pay your HDFC Credit Card bill. These sources are:

  • Through Net Banking: You can use this method by simply signing-up for HDFC Net Banking. Select the card payment option and input the amount you wish to pay, then continue and confirm the payment.
  • Through HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App: Use your mobile app to pay for your Credit Card bill using your Savings Bank Account. Simply log-in, go to Credit Card section, choose Credit Card Bill Payment option, and pay using your savings account balance.
  • Through debit card at ATM: Walk into your nearest HDFC ATM and transact the desired amount to your Credit Card Account from your Savings or Current Account.
  • Through NEFT: You can transfer funds into your Credit Card Account from any other bank account by the medium of NEFT. For this, use the IFSC code: HDFC0000128.
  • Through Autopay: Select the Autopay option provided by HDFC. In this, the bank will debit either the minimum amount due or the total amount due of your Credit Card Account.
  • Through cheque: Issue a local cheque with the payee as ‘HDFC Bank Credit Card A/c” and your account number and drop this cheque off at any HDFC Bank cheque drop box in their ATMs or branches.
  • At the branch- You can also pay your HDFC Credit Card bill over the counter at any HDFC Bank branch. Simply walk into the branch, go up to the counter and make your Credit Card payment by Cash. This process charges a cash processing fee of Rs. 100, which is applicable on each payment.

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