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Buying and renting: Investing with ValueMags

Buying and renting: Investing with ValueMags

Home decor magazine is a very popular magazine amongst ValueMags readers. The magazine distribution and marketing company is seeking other investment magazines to complement their current magazine offerings. Investing is a matter that ValueMags wants to address in the magazines they offer including buying and renting homes.

Condos are a hot topic in Chicago, where ValueMags is based. Condos would be the best investment when going off of projected population growth. Even though the amount of people that live in a certain area is not that high it is good since there might be a hospital opening up in the future and new markets. Having a lower population is not always necessarily bad, when living in the suburbs. The whole idea is to get away from people and the crazy city and to enjoy quiet and being alone. If there were too many people in a given area achieving the quiet could be very challenging.

When doing the expenses for any house in the Chicago area, the ValueMags President understands that buying or selling a house with a real estate agent the costs seemed to be too much but are well worth the expense to make sure that the investment someone will make is not a scam and their money is in a safe and reliable asset to their name. The initial cost a house in the greater Chicago area for one or two people (a couple) is $174,900, the school taxes and municipal taxes alone are $2,378 per year. The payments per month on the house after putting down 20% ($34,800) to avoid extra fees, with a 30 year fixed interest rate of 2.45% would be $549.03 coming to $6,588.35. Those costs are all before the initial welcome tax, the cost of hot water, a potential alarm system, heating, air conditioning, notary fees ($1200), visible renovations, the initial house inspection and more. For all of those reasons buying a house just did not seem feasible for most people.

In certain business magazines offered by ValueMags, the magazines highlight the benefits of saving money in various stages of your life to ensure that investments later on are realistic and reliable.

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