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          Difference between the real Christmas tree and fake Christmas tree

          Difference between the real Christmas tree and fake Christmas tree

Christmas tree is one of a tradition of Christmas festival.  According to the USDA, almost all of the real Christmas tree purchased and sold by the hilltop online store. The hilltop on line store has an own Christmas tree farm. They are growing the real Christmas tree in their Christmas tree farm. The real and fresh Christmas tree is having a best and attractive aroma fragrance. Twenty five to thirty millions of real Christmas trees are growing in the hill top farm and they also offer a Christmas tree delivery at your front of door. So you don’t need to waste your time and energy to purchasing the Christmas tree. The real Christmas tree makes your home smell really, really well. And there is nothing better than walking into your home and smelling the fresh scent of Christmas trees. But the artificial Christmas tree is not providing any kind of aroma as well as smell for the reason is it is made from the PVC plastic.Image result for Christmas Tree: Purchase Beautiful Look Christmas Tree In Online

Disadvantages of artificial Christmas tree

  • Some peoples are believe that millions of artificial trees, particularly in older models, that could be harboring lead, Which can easily spread inside the home, office and other residential places.
  • Moreover, PVC plastics discharge dioxins over time. These dioxins are tremendously poisonous to both humans and animals.
  • When they are unconstrained into the air or water, they are stored in their greasy tissue and can origin cancer, neurological damage, and many other serious health issues.
  • PVC is a petroleum-based, non-biodegradable plastic. Once you fling your fake Christmas tree away, it is going to be in the landfill everlastingly. And since the plastic fibers are compound and glued to the metal frame, artificial trees can’t be recycled. And also it can’t give any smell to your home.

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