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Exhibition stand: a frame of your institution

Exhibition stand: a frame of your institution

Ideas, imagination and also some empathy are necessary when it comes to staging the products and services of a company. If it is represented with skill, suddenly the abstract can be accessible, complicated, simple, and everyday, very interesting.

Are the works in the exhibition too large, valuable or complicated to present in showcases? The individual productions, the exceptional constructions or the special furniture for exhibitions become the frame for the exclusive object of the company.

The narrow margin of time for assembly and disassembly, the transport capacity of the exposed works and the exhibition constructions, the logistics, the sustainability and the reuse of the components separately – in the temporary exhibitions the additional aspects are part of the planning and they are also tasks that they are very familiar with. TGP covers your back while you dedicate yourself to the dramatic composition of the exhibition and the experience of the visitors; take care of planning the organization and the deadlines, of all the project management, preparation, logistics and assembly. They also take care that the components of the exhibition are dismantled respecting nature or re-used elsewhere.

The base forms your concept or the one that are created together. The results you can expect are structures for refined exhibitions, such as mobile works, dividing walls, showcases, special constructions, such as light installations and multimedia presentations. These constructions support the dramatic composition and are part of the environment from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.

For TGP these requirements are the perfect way to play. The specialists are used to cooperate and advise from the beginning. In the feasibility studies they explain the options. They advise you with professionalism in the selection of materials and components. And for audio, video and lighting installations, as well as for mobile or accessible exhibitions, they plan and prepare the special constructions that adapt perfectly. For this, they are in contact with professional planners, set designers, architects, creative agencies and other interested parties in all phases of the project.


High numbers of visitors and a lot of presence in the media favor the presence of the company in a great event. This also applies to a staging of the brand that is presented in an attractive way to the public. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the existing event concept and also comply with the special security provisions. TGP planners detail how these requirements and provisions can impact the project in a previous feasibility study that includes an analysis of expenditures. It provides transparency – for example, if a pavilion in the form of a free-form module is appropriate – and facilitates both the development of the concept, as well as the planning of the project, the organization, the deadlines and the phases.

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