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GSR2R Reveal The Greatest Recruitment Sectors to Work in This Year

GSR2R Reveal The Greatest Recruitment Sectors to Work in This Year

GSR2R, one of the UK’s leading recruitment to recruitment consultancies, has recently listed what recruitment sectors they consider to be the best to work in this year on their blog, providing all with the information that they need to make the best career decisions!

Recruiters looking ultimate success should choose sectors that are on the rise, choosing not only growth sectors but also sectors that have forecasts of long-term growth and not only short-term. Choosing growth sectors is important for recruiters that are looking to become more successful for numerous reasons including but not limited to there being more open vacancies in growth sectors and a higher number of senior roles waiting to be filled.

Now you understand the sheer importance of choosing recruitment jobs within growing recruitment sectors, here are a few of the recruitment sectors GSR2R listed within their blog post:

IT & Tech – Recruitment within the IT and tech industries is still on the rise, with average placement fees being approximately 8-10,000. This is because there is still a skills shortage within the sector and many companies are on the hunt for mobile app developers, data analysers, data scientists and cyber security experts, among other skilled professionals.

Healthcare – As you may have already seen in the news the NHS has recently drafted a strategy to address chronic understaffing with an estimated shortage of 42,000 midwives and nurses in the UK. The demand for healthcare professionals is set to continue to rise and therefore there is now a demand for healthcare recruiters to match the best applicants with the best clients.

Manufacturing – Thanks to the growing global economy and the fluctuating UK pound the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors are currently enjoying a growth stronger than they have seen for many years. This does not only mean that there are now more jobs that even before in these sectors but also that manufacturing recruiters can make a lot of money through filling vacant and upcoming senior positions.

These are only three of the greatest sectors for recruiters to work in this year too, according to GSR2R! If you are currently looking for a new recruitment opportunity you should consider these three industries carefully.

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