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How can you design your own enamel colored metallic pins

How can you design your own enamel colored metallic pins

Custom jewelry is a type of jewelry that has been around for a while. People call it jewelry because it is displayed in obvious places as an adornment. The reason this type of jewelry is so popular, in spite of its simplicity, is due to the possibility of design it yourself. DIY items are trendy nowadays, and the internet is filled with pages and pages about this type of item.

One type of jewelry item that is very popular and easily customizable is the metallic pin. It is made out of a shiny type of metal. This metal can be golden looking, silver looking or chromed. Then, the design inside of it features very bright colors, often made out of enamel paint. This paint looks good on metallic surfaces. This type of pin looks very good on clothing and backpacks. It is also effortless to design. You just have to follow a few easy sets of steps. Remember that these are made out of very sturdy materials, and they will last for an extended set of years.

In this article, we will show you the most common steps to design your own metallic pin with enamel painted designs on them. It will be very easy to get good-looking designs. So pay attention and follow these steps:

Look for the perfect image

Searching online images is one of the essential steps people take first. The image that you search for is going to be the base of the design of your pin. You will have to modify it a bit before using this image as your definitive design.

If you opt to search for the image instead of drawing it yourself, you need to consider the following first:

-The image will have to be free of copyright that limits its use. Be sure to look for the rights of the image you got interested in. This is very important, especially when you are trying to design something you plan to sell. If you are not going to sell custom enamel pins to other people, or gain something by showing them in an exhibition, you will be free to use them most of the time. Remember that copyright laws are a very delicate matter, read the rights to your image even if you don’t plan to make money or fame out of them.

-We recommend that you try to find images that have some characteristics that are typical of enamel pin designs: bold lines and solid colors. Enamel paint is solid. It is the only noticeable limitation of this art format. The colors won’t look well if you try to juxtapose them.

-Bold lines are important, but if your design or pin is going to be big, don’t hesitate to use finer lines. The idea here is that the lines look good along with the solid colors. Take also into account how good the metal edges of your pin look.

Use software to simplify it

Sometimes you will need to modify the image a bit so it can be simpler in order to use it appropriately. This is especially common with smaller images. You will have to get a little bit of design software skills in order to do some modifications.   There are plenty of tutorials for this online. It will be something easy to do. And you will learn something new.

Go for simple lines and solid colors.

These characteristics are the most common with enamel pin designs. The bold lines should be those of the edges. The inside lines can be smaller, but you have to considerate the colors you will use on the inside.

Send your custom design to the craftsman.

The craftsman should watch your design and decide if it is appropriate for the format of the pin. Sometimes the company’s craftsman modifies your image so you it looks better on the pins. Color modifications are also common, and sometimes this is due to specific color availability.

Enjoy the multiple uses of the pins.

These pieces of jewelry are very versatile. They can be worn on uniforms and backpacks. And they are very easy to notice.

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