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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Oven

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Oven

There are a variety of criterions for picking the best vacuum oven that meets your requirement. These ovens are available in different types with different specifications and capacities. Selecting a proper vacuum oven can be intimidating and exhausting especially if you have no idea on where to begin. Consider the following factors while going for a vacuum oven.

#1: AccuTemp or Elite?

This is the first step. This involves you determining which type of vacuum oven would be appropriate for your purpose. Other than the obvious factors like budget, space requirements, energy and performance, each vacuum oven style provides its own unique benefits.

Desktop AccuTemp vacuum ovens are most suitable for small-scale production and deliver heat from 5 sides. They can also be used for retaining large glassware, and other containers. Zone controlled AccuTemp vacuum ovens are frequently used for processing different strains prior to their individually heated shelves. These features allow simultaneous production of various textured extractions.

Elite vacuum ovens are preferentially used to process group of identical products, mostly on a large-scale level. They have removable shelves that allow room for materials that’ll expand. Elite uses a jacketed heating system that provides industry best temperature uniformity within 3 percent accuracy throughout the chamber.

#2: Removable Shelves Vs Zone Control

There could exist times where there is a requirement for additional space in the vacuum oven. Portable AccuTemps and all Elite vacuum oven sizes are known for providing extra necessary vertical space as one can remove their shelves easily. The Large zone-controlled ovens do have plenty space between shelves, however, it is recommended that one measures the container to ensure they fit before removing the shelves because the zone-controlled shelves are not supposed to be removed.

#3: Heat Source

Always take into consideration the source of your vacuum oven’s heat. AccuTemp desktop oven uses the latest in pad heating technology to provide its heat from 5 sides of the chamber. Also, the larger zone controlled AccuTemp vacuum oven directly heats from the shelf while distributing the heat evenly beneath the product.

Elite ovens usually make use of a jacketed heating system, which circulates warm air between the chamber walls and gives industry best chamber uniformity. These various types of heating have its own benefits and can aid in producing a different result.

In conclusion, take to heart these factors when shopping for a vacuum oven, and you can get any of the vacuum ovens for sale at Ledab.ca.

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