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How To Layer Up Your Cyber Security Using Security Cameras?

How To Layer Up Your Cyber Security Using Security Cameras?

Cyber security is a very important and hot topic these days. What one needs to realize is that there are many things that come under the umbrella of cyber security. It involves everything from your computer system to a secure network connection and also the security devices that you make use of to look after your property; security cameras being one of them.

There are ways to attain optimum cyber security:

1) Everyone should be informed and updated

Within an organization, every single device needs to be secured and updated under some central system, so that any anomaly or discrepancy spotted in any of the systems can come to notice and hence be taken care of.

Also, it is essential to individually inform one and all about the importance of looking after their devices and regular setup checks.

2) Build the requisite security walls

Having built secure and non-penetrable firewalls for the main computer and security system of the organization is as essential as making sure that personal devices used to transmit company information and more are also secured.

3) The right devices and tools to guard the IT perimeter are as follows:

> Firewalls should be active 24/7/365 in order to offer all-around protectiveness.

> Unified Threat Management is a device of sorts that blocks specific threats like viruses, Trojans, worms, spammers, hackers etc. out of the system and gives them no entry whatsoever. Selecting a UTM as per organizational requirement is what gets the work done.

> Captive portal is a useful tool that allows only safe and updated devices to connect to your network. In this way, one can ensure that there is end-to-end protection as well as encryption of data.

> Virtual Private Network or as we commonly call it as a VPN provides the secured tunnel one needs in order to have private communication and transfer of data over the web as only the people having been granted access to the same can make use of that channel of communication.

Hence, one needs to acknowledge that there are many layers that come into the making of a secured cyber system that looks into the vigilance of your security cameras too. It is a tiresome yet crucial task that needs to be done with utmost care using the latest IoT devices and using secure network systems.

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