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  Jump Start your career with Angular 6 and Node JS Courses

   Jump Start your career with Angular 6 and Node JS Courses

There are many courses offered by Zeolearn exclusively for web application development. Among them, two popular technologies which are highly preferred in the industry are Angular JS Course and NodeJS. These courses are well- structured and well – organised and hence they are best suitable for all types of candidates like students to highly experienced working professionals.

Each and every course is led by trainers who are industry experts. Courses will comprise of practical sessions, assignments, and skill development sessions with the trainers which can help students who explore new technologies.

Angular 6:

Angular is a development framework which is JavaScript based, and it is robust and highly dynamic in nature. This is an open source web application development framework backed up by Google. It comes with two best features which are dependency injection and other is data binding. Because of these two features, this technology is the best choice for dynamic app creation. Using this technology it is possible to make reductions in the amount of code that needs to be written for an app.

Zeolearn is the right place to learn Angular 6. From the course offered by this academy on Angular students can learn,

  • Complete understanding of how Angular stands out different from all other traditional frameworks available for web development
  • The course covers training on ES6 and TypeScript features
  • Students are trained on how they can develop an application using Angular 6 from scratch
  • Understand the features like observables, forms, dependency injection, and routing in Angular


Node.js Course is considered the best technology for developing real-time web applications. This is because of its features which are considered best for gathering data from various sources and consolidating it before sending it to clients in real- time.

Through courses, it is possible for all the candidates to learn new concepts in this technology and raise their skills to the next level. To explore this amazing technology, one can register and enrol in courses.

Along with learning fundamentals and advanced concepts in Node.js, trainers will also involve students in building new applications. This will help them to face new jobs in future. The certification on Node.js also offers study materials for candidate reference without any extra cost.

Through the course offered by Zeolearn, students can learn,

  • How they can develop scalable and fast applications which are lightweight as well
  • How can they make use of events, modules, and streams in building applications along with all other advanced topics
  • How can they perform testing and debugging applications in Node.js

There are many advantages if the candidates take up courses on latest technologies like Angular framework and Node.js. Through this, they can build a promising career in web applications development.

Zeolearn offers different course structures suitable for all types of candidates. It provides online classroom training, classroom training and corporate or team training as well. Along with this, if the candidate needs, it can exclusively provide courses which are customized for candidate’s demands. There are a number of students who have already taken the advantages of courses offered and successfully climb their professional ladders as per their wish.

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