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Killer Tips for Designing High-Conversion Blogs in 2019

Killer Tips for Designing High-Conversion Blogs in 2019

Your blogs will benefit you nothing if they cannot convert effectively. The reason is that a blog that cannot convert is a liability that wastes your time, money, and energy. To get high conversion rates, you ought to pay attention to several factors that will make your visitors do what you want them to do. Design is one of the key components that will turn your blog into a high-conversion funnel. In this post, I will disclose killer tips that will enable you to design a high-conversion blog or blogs this year. So, remain my guest as I walk you through the tips I carefully selected for you.

  • Embrace Mobile Friendliness

We live in a mobile-friendly digital age. Therefore, your blog’s design will betray your conversion rates if you don’t make it mobile-friendly. If you want your blog to convert highly, ensure that your target users can access it anywhere and conveniently. This means that your users should enjoy the same easy and convenient from their mobile devices the same way they do when using their desktops. The facts are that mobile devices have overtaken traditional computers and they are now the preferred mediums of access.

  • Think About SEO

Do you still want to design high-conversion blogs in 2019? Then you should think about optimization for search engines (SEO). The reason is that people cannot access your blog if they can’t find it in searches. Why? Because your blog competes against millions of other blogs scrambling for appearance on the first pages of search engines. Therefore, you should design yours with SEO in mind if you expect to make any impact. Otherwise, your blog will rot on the Web and gather dust since nobody will know about you and your offers.

  • Go Social

We live in the most socially integrated generations in human history. The social media has steadily grown over the last decade to become the biggest wing of the Net. That is why if you want your blog to convert highly, it is necessary to make it “socially compliant and intelligent.” It is necessary to integrate your blog with all the major social media platforms. With a proper social media integration and strategy, you will improve your prospects of sharing your content and offers. Remember, social sharing is one of the metrics search engines use to rank websites. Therefore, enhancing your social intelligence could boost your SEO effectiveness. The good side of social sharing is that it acts as a vote of confidence in your readers’ minds. When readers share your content, it shows that they get enough value in it to share it with their contacts.

  • Excellent Visuals

The saying that goes “A good picture speaks louder than a thousand words,” still applies to your blog’s conversion rates. No matter how rich your content is, humans are still visual creatures who value excellent images. By complementing your content with relevant and high-quality images, you boost your blog’s conversion chances. According to studies, a leading search engine result on Google has 9 images, which can boost its share potential by 121 percent if the images are excellent. So, enrich your content with illustrative images, both still and motion. Otherwise, your great written content could degenerate into another dead lecture and drudgery.

  • Cross-Browser Optimization

Besides using SSL certificates to boost user confidence in your blog, it is also desirable to optimize it for easy use on different browsers. Therefore, design your blog in a manner that allows users to enjoy it across different browsers equally.

  • Set Achievable Conversion Goals

Do you want to design blogs that enjoy super conversion rates this year? If you do, then it is necessary to set realistic conversion goals because your design cannot achieve optimal conversion without targets. Therefore, determine which goals you need to attain within realistic timelines. It is also important to set your conversion goals based on your needs and overall goals. For example, you can set a goal to boost your leads through email subscriptions. You could also set a goal to pull attention to your products or show your readers how well they work. This way, it will be easy to know if you are hitting or missing your overall goals because they all depend on conversion for fulfillment.    

  • Analyze, Measure, and Retarget

After installing SSL certificates and setting your goals, you should measure them. You will need tools to establish if you are hitting your conversion goals or not. If you are achieving them, you will also have to know how well or ineffectively you are achieving them. Also, analyzing and measuring your goals enables you to know how to make any necessary corrections along the way to get your goals back on course. Lastly, effective measurement and analysis boosts your chances of retargeting your conversion goals successfully.

But how do you measure your goals? You can do so using different tools and below are the two best ones:

  • Basic tracking: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a standard for tracking user behavior.  The tool is free and any marketer and blog owner can set it up. Some of the priceless information it will avail to you includes: audience geographical location, traffic source, device, age, time spent on each page, pages viewed most, and the time they spend on your blog.

  • Advanced tracking: KissMetrics

If you want to get something better than what Google’s Analytics offers, you can use KissMetrics. This tool is invaluable for complementing the gaps in Google’s tool. It offers a more streamlined way of measuring things, it’s easy to understand, and more actionable than Google Analytics.

Why It Matters

Designing blogs that convert highly in 2019 is possible using different methods. Some of the ways of doing so include installing SSL certificates, optimizing your blog for SEO, making it socially intelligent and integrated, and optimizing your blog for cross-browser usage. With the killer tips I disclosed in this post in practice, I believe you can achieve super conversion rates this year.

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