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Land Your Dream Legal Job With A Headhunter

Land Your Dream Legal Job With A Headhunter

When it comes to finding a job in any field in Toronto, an oft-cited saying is “it’s not ‘what you know’, it’s ‘who you know'”. In many industries, from law to manufacturing to the service sector, it certainly rings true, and that vital bit of knowledge can provide even just a slight edge over the average layperson, enabling the applicant to get their proverbial foot in the door and be more likely to have a follow up interview or outright clinch the job. Even those with extensive job experience, qualifications, or credentials may find themselves passed over merely because they never met the right people – so if you have no contacts within your employment community to help give you the inside edge, what can you do?

A headhunter is an individual or group that searches out for qualified candidates and looks for jobs and employers that are the best fit for them. For someone who feels lost wading through the mire of prospective jobs and qualifications in the legal field, passed over by potential employers for what feels like the hundredth time, a headhunter may be precisely what’s needed. Serving as the middleman, a headhunter acquaints employees to employers and vice versa, enabling both to find each other in a manner that otherwise wouldn’t be likely. Whether it’s looking for a paralegal position in Ottawa or landing an executive job in Toronto, a headhunting agency uses their extensive network of “who they know” to better connect their clients seeking work and their clients seeking applicants.

The advantages of utilizing executive recruiting services over one’s own efforts are significant, as, from the perspective of someone with a skill set seeking work, especially in the highly competitive legal field, a headhunting agency provides an enormous capability to not only determine what jobs may be open to one’s relevant skill set but also what applicable jobs are nearby, what jobs are likely the best match for the applicant’s skill set, and so on. Conversely for the company looking to hire, it provides a tremendous advantage over mass marketing of the job, enabling them to save time, money and manpower by selecting from a short list of qualified hand-picked applicants provided by the agency, instead of sorting through hundreds, if not thousands, of applications and interviews.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that, as much as an employer would want an experienced candidate, so too would both employer and potential employee want an experienced headhunter. A proven track record shows the agency’s knowledge; a large client base illustrates that people view them as a trustworthy organization; the fact that they’ve existed for an appreciable amount of time demonstrates success; and all the above demonstrates their extensive network that they’ve built up through acquiring all this rapport. Therefore, if you have the qualifications, for everything from landing an executive job in Toronto to establishing yourself on the path to becoming a partner in a reputable firm, letting a headhunter do the footwork may be the best decision you can make.

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