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Magical Versailles

James Colwell September 20, 2018 Featured No Comments on Magical Versailles
Magical Versailles

If there’s one magical thing you have to witness at Versailles, it’s golden hour in the gardens. The pale palace is kissed with the setting sun over the lake, and suddenly the walls are turned to glowing gold, set against a moody, dusky blue sky. It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself, as pictures just don’t do it justice. The astounding French architecture reaches from the north to the south. Never gloomy like other castles, but light and airy- and full of elegance.

I’m sort of a history nerd, and with my old school thick framed Oakley glasses I pretty much look it too! Having endured Art History in college (I secretly loved it) allowed me to appreciate the astounding tale behind this palace. Though the world doubted King Louis the XIV, with his unrealistic vision for his domain, my inner Aquarius couldn’t help but appreciate him. I imagine as a king, one would feel like everything was either granted to him or forced upon him. I think he desired to create one creative and difficult challenge for himself, that would in the end would leave him fulfilled with the beauty he achieved.

If you’ve walked through the Louvre, the prior palace for the French King, you would have a clear understanding of why his artistic self needed to create Versailles. The doom and gloom of the Louvre comes from centuries of history and battles and reconstruction, destruction, and more. To be tied into that, I imagine was being like held under the weight of the country’s most difficult times. Not to mention, it was just so GLOOMY! My personal need to be surrounded by light, beauty, and inspiration made me feel some sort of accord with one of the most famed kings. I truly felt a flutter inside, seeing the majesty of what he was able to create through determination- and now it’s one of the world’s treasures.

The story of Versailles has always been one that’s intrigued me, and inspired me for about 7 years. It was an absolute dream to finally set foot inside the rooms and gardens I’d seen in movies and shows, and read about in history and art books. I have so many photos to go through from Versailles, as well as my whole month living in Paris!

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