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Most Common Web App Performance Problems

Most Common Web App Performance Problems

While it is inevitable to avoid web application problems entirely, being in a position to fix them any time they occur can save you a big deal. However, no post on the internet will help you to fix such performance problems in your system unless you identify where they are coming from in the first place. These issues can originate from many issues, and all you need is to know is where to look for when you are experiencing performance issues with your system. Additionally, it is vital to note that any performance issue should be identified as early as possible and fixed in real time before it starts affecting the end users. To this end, it is essential that you have a mobile app performance testing in place to keep your system posted. The following are sources of the performance issues and some solution for them.

Poorly Written Code

Conversely, any wrongly written code is capable of causing unending performance issues such as memory leaks, inefficient algorithms, and application deadlock. Likewise, the mixed legacy or software made up of outdated versions can drag application performance or even hinder it overall. Fortunately, performance issues resulting from poorly coded software are easy to address right from the assembling phases. This implies that you should provide that your application developers make use of the most appropriate tools in their work including profilers and established programming ethics such as code reviews. This way, any potential performance problem will be identified at initial testing stages, and it can be addressed right away.

The Traffic Spikes

Increasing traffic on a website is generally considered a great move. However, if you have happened to experience a rapid increase in traffic in your web for instance after implementing a new marketing strategy, or when you post a piece then it goes viral you probably know what follows if you are not prepared to hand such changes. To curb issues that are related to a sudden increase in traffic, planning on good time is crucial. Therefore, ensure that you have installed warning systems to help you identify any potential problem with your system before it becomes chronic to address. Similarly, this is the best way to ensure that your users will always have a good experience with your system.

Poor Load Distribution

Poor load distribution will make your system slow in response. This is primarily because instead of assigning a new user to the spared servers it keeps on directing them to the bogged serves. This way, if many users happen to be operating from a single server, it is likely that they will experience performance issues even if such a server is still well under capacity that it should handle. The issue of poor load distribution can be addressed through the installation of load distribution testing units in your system. This way, you can identify infrastructural weaknesses within the system and have them fixed the best way possible. Ensuring that your system is performing in a good way is an ideal way to increase your productivity and to offer your users the best experience.

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