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Online Marketing Strategies that Work

Online Marketing Strategies that Work

With the level of competition 2 business in any industry these days, companies need to do all they can to make sure that their brand, products and services are being seen by potential customers. What this means is that companies must adopt marketing strategies that are effective and that resonate well with today’s consumers.

In terms of the marketing mix, traditional marketing still has its place. Companies should invest in local television, radio, flyers and other proven marketing strategies to get the word out. The bulk of the marketing companies in many industries however should be focused on online activities. This is because the majority of consumers now spend a major part of their time online looking for products and services. So companies must engage with an online marketing agency that can implement for them a robust online marketing strategy that includes these elements.


The majority of consumers that look for products or services online start with a search engine. Today Google accounts for more than 70% of those searches. As a result companies around the world and every category are battling to get there companies in front of these consumers on platforms like Google. When consumers shop via a search engine, they typically only look at the results displayed on the first pager two. So for companies it is very important to have your company displayed on the first two pages of a Google search.

The strategies used for moving companies up a search is called search engine optimization or SEO. The discipline uses strategies built around keywords and other criteria to get content from a website in front of consumers. A good SEO marketing agency will how consumers search and how Google and other search engines design those searches, and then they position web pages from a company so that they will respond positively to search criteria. When SEO is done properly, companies will have their pages rate much higher on a search and as a result they will receive much more traffic.

Email Marketing

 Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, and it still remains popular with companies. The simple reason is that email marketing is very effective. Today email marketing tools allow companies to target their marketing and receive up to the second detailed feedback about how that marketing is received by customers and potential customers. In terms of pricing, email marketing is the cheapest type of marketing can do online. Because of his combination of effectiveness and low cost, email marketing will continue to be a primary style of marketing for companies.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have combined billions of members who actively participate. These platforms have provided fertile opportunities for smart marketers 2 position their products and services with consumers. The foundation of social media marketing is one where information is delivered in a friendly environment amongst acquaintances. For this reason, social media marketing must be done carefully and with an eye toward long-term relationship building rather than hard sales tactics. When done correctly social media marketing is extremely effective at brand building and the sale of products and services.

Companies should engage in a mix of SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing to ensure that they reach all of their potential customers in a way that gets them to respond.

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