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Peter Loftin and His Achievements

Peter Loftin and His Achievements

If you want to read someone’s dream journey of success, then Peter Loftin is the man whose story of climbing the ladder and reaching at the top is nothing less than a fairy tale but it were not due to fairies that he achieved this success. It was his diligence and passion for his work that he could achieve what he dreamt of. He did not come from a rich family with a silver spoon in his mouth but he belonged to a very humble background and managed to reach the top with shear dedication and perseverance. He did not have any support from his family yet he was able to establish a great empire.

Peter loftin used to sell portable phones from door to door and then the idea of BTI came to his mind and he started this from a small room in North Carolina. At that time when BTI or Business Telecommunications Inc. came into existence, he was merely twenty five years old. Within no time this venture which was started solely by him, turned into a big business endeavor and he merged it with another company called Deltacom. It was just the beginning of a very huge business which was expanded into a range of large corporate establishments and a number of charity endeavors. As we say if we are successful, we must return some of its part to the society which has given us so much and Peter loftin proved that also true by his enormous charity works.

Here are some of his successful achievements of his career which contributed greatly to the development of USA. Some of his accomplishments are mentioned below:

  1. He set up large telecommunication Inc. known as BTI (Business Telecommunications Inc.). It is one of the top most telecommunication companies of USA which is providing employment to a very big number of people. His exclusive yearly turnovers have been awarded many a times by the government
  2. Recently, in 2016, he laid the foundation of whisky distillery with the name Bardstown Bourbon or BBCo. Although new, it is going to be largest distillery company in the USA. He is planning a very rapid growth of this company and expand it to the maximum.
  3. He has also signed a contract to combat terror. For this he has founded CM3 with the collaboration of Mr. Michael Harley. This group has taken active part in the wars against terrorism.
  4. Being a great admirer of arts, he has been involved in a number of exhibitions and in the year 2000, he bought Casa Casuarina to encourage art activities. Now this building is housing a club and a chain of boutique hotels.
  5. Along with this, he is also thinking to build few more restaurants and hotels which will give employment to a large group of people.

These are some of his achievements that have made Peter Loftin a name who has done wonders in the world of business starting from nothing. Not only this, to serve humanity he has started many charity works which prove him a good human being as well.

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