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Services Offered by On Call Lawyers

Services Offered by On Call Lawyers

When you hear the phrase ‘on call lawyer’ you may instantly think of the lawyer which is assigned to someone by the courts when they are unable to afford their own lawyer.  As the law of the land states that every person should be entitled to representation by a lawyer, these lawyers will be on call to assist at any time of the day or night.

This type of on call lawyer will be a specialist in criminal law; they will offer their services and advice.  In fact, they will do their best to get you out of the police station or jail cell that you have been placed in.

However, this type of on-call lawyer is not the only one; even if it is the first one that will pop into your mind!

What On Call Lawyers Do

As the name suggests, on call lawyers are available to be contacted by their client at any time of the day or night; they are on call to ensure that a client can get the answer or the support they need at the moment they need it.

An on call lawyer can be an independent lawyer or part of a much larger law firm.  The larger the firm the more likely it is that they will have a bank of on call lawyers; this ensures that someone is always available.  In addition, if you contact one on call lawyer and they are unsure of the answer then they can speak to their colleagues to ensure you get all the facts you need.

Accessing On Call Lawyers

The majority of law firms will offer some form of on call service.  This may be just for specific activities or may cover an entire range of topics.  To ensure you have good on call lawyers available when you need them it is necessary to sign up to the service.

This will require you to create an account with the law firm and establish a payment method.  Most firms will not demand any payment up front; unless they believe you will have an issue paying the bill.

Different Services Offered by On Call lawyers

The range of services accessible through on call lawyers is impressive and can be invaluable:


If you are running a business and suddenly have an issue regarding a merger, a personnel problem or even the right way to deal with a client, you can contact on call lawyers and they will provide the right advice to enable you to deal with the situation in hand with the least amount of damage or potential damage.


Doctors and other medical professionals are constantly under scrutiny; they can be sued for a variety of issues and may often need to seek expert advice to ensure they are acting correctly and protected if an incident occurs.  To make this possible they will access a team of on call lawyers to get the best possible advice.  This will also provide some reassurance if anything does go wrong.

It is possible to find on call lawyers for virtually any subject; you may feel it is a good idea to locate them now and have their numbers to hand in case you ever need them.

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