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Simple Steps to Find the Best Sourcing Agent

Simple Steps to Find the Best Sourcing Agent


The best sourcing agent is important for growing your business. So, when hiring one sourcing agent, make sure they are the best, such as Enquire and ask questions to them before hiring. Here are a few simple steps to find the best sourcing agent:


Product Research

Use Global Sources or Alibaba to make a simple search of your product. This will give you an idea what is the cost of similar products. Also, you will know about the specifications of the products and the localities in which they are made. You should be very specific about what you want, and you need to communicate what you want successfully to your sourcing agent before you hire them. You also need to make a non-disclosure agreement before you talk to them about the details of your product.

The Nearest the Source Agent is to Your Manufacturing Unit, the Better

A specialist of the product you are making will be a better sourcing agent for you. They will understand your product much better and much easier. They will know how the quality of your product can be controlled and what should be its estimated price tag. This will ensure that they will negotiate better the price of your product. If anything goes wrong, they can rush to your help depending on the distance of their agency office and manufacturing unit.


They should know the local language and English fluently. If you keep an interpreter or use an app to communicate, many important things will be lost in between.

Should be an Industry Expertise

You can know if they are experts in this industry by asking them specific questions. If they correctly can reply, then they are worthy of hiring. Here are some common questions you can ask them:

  • How you they like to receive their payment?
  • Can you visit the factories anytime you like, before and even during the product?
  • See the testimonials and referrals from their other satisfied customers?
  • How frequently will they give you an update on the status of production? Every week is the best.
  • Do they stay near the product sourcing location?
  • If they re-order from the same source, will the pay be lesser after the first order?

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