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StashFin One of the Fastest Growing Personal Loan Providers in India

StashFin One of the Fastest Growing Personal Loan Providers in India

StashFin is digital lending venture founded by a team of former financial services professionals devoted to unsettling traditional lending in India. The team has worked with reputed firms in Banking and Financial Services space, such as Deloitte, Bank of America – Merill Lynch, Citi, Kabbage and many more both in India as well as the USA. They have multiple functions exposure which includes not only technology but also process re-engineering and customer experience. The team is holding its shared experience to give best in class services and great suitability to its customers.

StashFin is a company built by a passionate team of financial services professionals who have mixed experience of more than 40 years. The company seeks to give a transparent and frictionless personal loan experience in a safe and secure way.

With growing drive towards digitalisation of the economy and help of the advancements in technology gives financial freedom in a much efficient and smoother manner.

Quick personal loans have been made available via the following features like Easy Online Application, Quick Processing Time and Immediate Transfer of Funds.

StashFin positions high in the list of customer-friendly and efficient loan providers in India. They know the need for the township residents, and thus, have planned a simple & fast loan application process. The doorstep delivery service through which your personal loan would be delivered at your home without any problems. Their professional executives are also present to help you in documentation and clarify any doubts in the entire procedure in-person for your convenience. You can receive a personal loan of up to Rupees 2 lakh with payment tenure lengthening up to 18 months and interest rates start from 11.99%. Apart from that they also give quick personal loans with a VISA-powered credit line card which can be used as a debit/credit card and it can be used at any of the ATMs and Visa POS terminals pan India. If any online purchases need to be done, it can be used there as well. It offers a virtual line of credit which permits to get a loan in your account within 90 seconds.

What makes StashFin fastest growing personal loan providers?

Simple, Quick and Easy

Enter just a little bit of information for a real-time decision in terms of your personal loan. You might have waited in so many places like to get cash from ATM, to climb bus or train, to get cash in the bank, etc but with the ‘state of the art’ system, there is no waiting. You have to just put your information and get a result in minutes.

No Worry about Hidden Fee

At StashFin, there are no hidden costs and it is an absolutely low processing fee. So they assure you it is 100% a good deal.

Safe and Secure

StashFin consider the security of your data as #1 priority. Hence, have installed highly sophisticated encryption technologies that prove that all of your data and communications are undoubtedly absolutely safe and secure. The customer can just relax until the application is processed and a loan is disbursed.

You Are In Control

The personal loan which fits the customer’s budget can be chosen and progress can be seen every month. One size does not fit all with respect to loans. Hence, they offer the freedom to the customer to pick a loan so they are always in control of their finances.

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