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Temp To Hire Process

Clare Louise July 25, 2018 Business No Comments on Temp To Hire Process
Temp To Hire Process

Temp to hire services are increasing day by day and you can see the graph going high and high in the past few years and the simple reason is the changing global economy. Since the number of industries are increasing, the working hands are getting less. This is the reason that has given birth to the idea of temping.

Getting job through recruiting agencies on temporary basis is called temping. Temping companies are earning high because today the talented candidate is not getting the right opportunity on his own. Through temp agency you get the right job you are capable for. A person feels satisfied when he earns through a work he is interested in. Temp agency meets the employee to the right industries which give better financial success in the long run.

Pros And Cons of Temp Agencies

Today the whole world is using temp facilities because it saves your time and labour. Temp to hire agencies recruit you on temporary basis. It’s your turn to impress the authorities and get hired permanently. Inspire of the fact that 90% jobs are hired through temping today, there are some pros and cons.

Pros of Temping: The major benefit is that it saves your time and money. When you try to directly hire a person, you have to search a lot. You have to advertise at many places which requires a good sum. Recruiting saves your time and money and you get the best employee.

When you hire through recruiting agency you get hard working staff. Common employee demands more facilities and accomplish less work. If you hire through staffing, there is no chance of mistake. These staff are pre tested and trained on certain terms. If you hire direct staff and they commit mistake, you have to bear the loss. Sometimes any accident might happen you have to pay unemployment claims on the other hand work suffers. If you contact staffing agency they provide you temporary staff at affordable rates which saves all your worries and keeps you tension free.

Cons of Tempting: The major drawback is staffing agents charge you hourly. Their fees may be 25% higher than normal employee. These staff have to share some part of earning with recruiting company and that’s why they charge you high. If you hire them later permanently it will be affordable for you. Temp workers somehow feel rejected because permanent workers treat them as low. They might ask a temp worker to do the work which may hurt his legacy.

For getting internship in established firm you have to perform many activities. You have to give advertisement in newspapers and internet. You have to attend carrier counselling seminars. All this requires money and lot of time. If you get calls from wanted firms you have to go through many interviews. Failure at earlier interviews may cause frustration. To escape all these situations just call a temp agency.

Tell them your qualification and post you want. It will be less frustrating to go under their inquiry period. For better results do some homework. Check on regular basis about the recruiting companies. Check about the vacancy in the firm you want job in. Just at peak time contact recruiters to recruit you for particular company. Always be proactive never leave work for tomorrow. If you get call from staffing, go at once and attend training session. Get ready to find a wanted job at established enterprises.

Before applying for permanent jobs try on temp basis to improve your confidence level. When you perform at temp basis in reputed firms, it increases your chance to get permanent jobs.

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