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The various technical features of the signaling pad and the cone

The various technical features of the signaling pad and the cone

The signaling pad, also called the cone, is a signage often used to signal a temporary site. It makes it possible to signal road users, for example, that they cannot use a part of the roadway, pointing it out as a danger zone. This type of signage is ideally suited for outdoor use. In addition to its high visibility, the plot or cone of traffic pleases because it is easily transportable. You can stack these pads on each other when you do not use them, which also saves space during transport and storage.To choose its signage as the signaling cone, the main point to consider is the size of the stud. The smallest model is only 30 cm. It is suitable for marking, but because of its small size, is not suitable for use on roads. Its small size reduces its visibility by the different road users. To avail the best services you must always visit www.yoursignco.com.

How to choose a nameplate?

Whether to indicate a place, make known a ban, a nameplate is always useful. Whatever the reason for your purchase, there are several things to consider when choosing your signage.The most common models are cones with a dimension of 50 cm. The weight is also to be taken into consideration when choosing. In general, the heavier the stud, the more stable it is. Still cannot decide? The following table summarizes the different uses of the signal pads, depending on their size.

The material of the road sign

This is the first point to consider, since the type of material used depends on the durability of the panel and also its cost.The flexible adhesive panel is actually a sticker that just sticks on a smooth surface. This is the least expensive nameplate model on the market. Despite its low cost, it is resistant to bad weather, scratches and abrasion and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

PVC panel

If you want to place signage on a non-adherent surface, the PVC model is recommended. It is easily fixed on the support by dowels and screws. PVC is highly resistant to solvents and other chemicals. It is for this reason that this material is particularly used for signage used in the chemical industries.

Aluminum panel

Aluminum signage is most commonly used for outdoor use. This is because aluminum is very robust. If you place your signage near a road, we advise you to opt for galvanized aluminum signage. This material is retro-reflective and can capture light from headlights to facilitate panel visibility both day and night.

The method of fixing the panel

The method of attachment is another point to consider when choosing the sign. If you plan to fix the panel to a wall, you have the choice between a fixing by screws or by adhesives. Signs are usually placed on a roadside post. Nuts, bolts and flanges are needed to secure your panel.

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