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The Wonderful Benefits of AcroYoga

The Wonderful Benefits of AcroYoga

AcroYoga is a completely different yoga style that represents a combination of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Also known as the Yoga of Trust, AcroYoga includes two partners working together to achieve various positions. One of them (the base) is always on the ground, supporting the other participant (the flyer), who uses core strength and balance to move into dynamic positions.

Perhaps you’ve already tried this remarkable style of yoga and know exactly great it truly is. If not, take a look at the essential benefits of AcroYoga and why you should definitely practice it.

Building Core Strength

AcroYoga requires a lot of core strength in order for a base to maximally support a flyer, and for a flyer to stay safely in the air, perfectly balanced. By using your core strength and utilizing your entire body, you will actually build that strength to keep the balance and become more flexible.

Building Muscles

Apart from your core strength, AcroYoga enables you to build muscles in arms, legs, and chest. That’s because you’re either holding a flyer over your head, or trying to achieve various positions in the air while keeping your body as balanced and taut as possible.

Improving Concentration

AcroYoga improves your concentration over time because you must remain focused on your partner and the proper instructions when practicing this yoga style. You must ensure both your and your partner’s safety, staying concentrated and confident and not letting anything distract you.

Stretching and Relaxing Your Body

Stretching your body during AcroYoga makes you more flexible and healthier, but it also has a great therapeutic effect. It relaxes you, inspires kindness, and helps you build trust and strong companionship with your AcroYoga partner.

AcroYoga is a very complex style of yoga that requires plenty of time and effort before it can be mastered, but it’s more than worth it, as it provides excellent health benefits.

However, AcroYoga is not without its share of challenges. No matter how much you try and teach your trainees to be careful and to follow your instructions, accidents can happen. That’s usually because someone tries to push too hard to achieve a particular complex position and, before they know it, they or their AcroYoga partner are seriously hurt.

If you are an AcroYoga teacher, think about getting AcroYoga insurance. Protect your business and your reputation from the carelessness and irresponsibility of others, and start teaching AcroYoga completely stress-free.

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