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What Are the Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of IP CCTV?

What Are the Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of IP CCTV?

When talking about ensuring the security of a place, the first thing that comes to the mind these days is a video surveillance system. Hiring security guards is both costly and not as effective as these systems. These systems require a one-time investment, which is worth every penny. Among the different types of surveillance systems available, the popularity of IP CCTV is on the rise.

Here are a few reasons for its increasing popularity.

Much Better Video Quality

Analog systems have been in use for years, but they have many limitations. The IP systems do not have limitations like poor video quality or being sensitive to interference from storms, other equipment, and damage to wiring. They capture video in high-definition and then digitize it for transmission over a local area network to the required computer or server. All the cameras included in a system act as an individual network device. There are many added features and options available in IP systems, which are not possible on pure analog systems.


In IP systems, the digital signals get encrypted before transmitting them. Thus, cyber security is not a major concern as the signals can neither be intercepted nor compromised. On the contrary, in analog cameras, the signal can be easily intercepted using common cabling equipment.


The security requirements can keep changing. In analog systems, expansion is limited because of the limited number of ports. The IP systems do not have any such limitations as they are designed keeping scalability in mind. If you need to expand the network of cameras in IP systems, it can be done easily and economically in tandem with the existing systems.

Ample of Storage

As the IP systems make use of digital technology, massive amounts of video feeds can be stored on web servers and drives. Besides being easy to store in massive amounts, they can also be easily backed up for redundancy.

Remote Access

As IP stands for Internet Protocol, these systems can be connected to the internet, which then allows off-site storage and management. Thus, the video feeds can be remotely monitored and accessed by the users by logging in to their systems.

The IP CCTV systems have eliminated the drawbacks that were inherent to analog systems and provided the users with many added features and remote capabilities. This has increased the popularity of IP CCTV.

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