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What is Record Retention?

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What is Record Retention?

Have you got an organization of your own? What do you do with all those documents that you have? Have you ever thought about the records you have been gathering all this while?

Whether you have had an important meeting with a client or have made financial sheets talking about your organization’s business, what are you supposed to do with all these documents or records?

Thankfully, we are not much into writing everything anymore and thus, everything is done on the computers. Even the most intricate documents and important records are now on the computer.

But just because you have everything stored in your computer it does not mean that you are not supposed to get rid of it. Sometimes, the records are so many that you don’t know what to do with them.

This is where record retention comes into the picture. When you have this concept, you realize what kind of document or record has to be stored for how long. It is not something that can be decided just like that. In fact, if this concept was not so serious, record retenion laws would not have been introduced in the market for the organizations.

It does not matter if you have electronic records, paper records or records in any other form, all that matters is that you know till what time you need to retain or preserve these documents or records. Once you understand the lifecycle of your records, it is easy for you to know till when you need to have them for the betterment of your organization and when you need to get rid of them. In fact, you also learn how to erase or eradicate them in a proper way. You never know what people might do with these records, even though they mean nothing to you!

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